Full Auto Airsoft Pea-Shooter




About: Burnsides is an Art Student studying animation. Aside from Art, Burnsides spends his time as a campus IT employee and using his dorm room as a lab.

Ok, first things first. This was originally created by "Kip-Kay". I found the basic template on his site. I am not trying to rip him off, I enjoy his videos. 


That is the video to his design. 

I'm a tinkerer, so, in no offense to Mr. Kay, I wanted to make this fit my needs.  

What I did: 
I attached another pen tube to the top of the canister to allow me to look where I'm shooting, thus allowing me to aim. 
More Detail: 
I took the second pen tube, filled the smaller end with some silicon, feel free to use epoxy I didn't have any on my bench. 
Then, I drilled a small, like 1/8 in, hole in the side of the 2nd pen tube. 
Next I smeared, rather sloppily, silicon where the pen tube would be. 
Finally I zip tied the whole thing together, forcing it to keep solid.  




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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I like what you did to the design by adding the pen tube on the top, its a good addon for a classic design. Nice job

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