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Here I will show you how I made a full finger paper ring. But its different. In a really different way... See, this paper ring Is much stronger than normal paper. By having a thing I like to call... Hardened paper. Two to three sheets is all you'll need.

Step 1: The Hardened Paper

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures of this very easy process. I've had this paper made and sitting for the last few months. So to make this, you need to take two sheets of paper. Heavy wide object, large textbooks are good, A bottle of glue and a thing to spread the glue.

first take one sheet of paper fold in half length wise, then spread glue evenly along one side if the fold. Then fold it back in half. Then fold it in half again width wise. Unfold and spread the glue on one side again. Fold it back and boom. Hard paper. Right? No. Lastly take a very heavy object bigger than the paper and put in on top for th next 12-24 hours. Just to make sure It dries completely.

Step 2: Supplies

For this relatively simple project, you'll need, hardened paper two to three sheets, in case one comes out bad, a pencil, scissors, tapes ands a ruler in case you want exactness, (optional) some wire and pliers.

Step 3: The First Band

First, cut out a band a little bigger than your finger wrapped around (length) and a little under the length from your knuckle to the first bend in your finger(width).

Next, start to roll it in a cylinder, this is to help to form and stay in shape when you tape it together,

Then, wrap it around your finger and find a place where it feels comfy and mark it with the pencil, I personally rough guessed mine, this isn't an exact science c:

Lastly, I took my scissors and cut a very wide v into the band to make it so I could bend my finger.

Step 4: The First Spike, Thing...

First, take the rest of the sheet of HP, and wrap it around your band so it extends a little over the band and on one side you have the end at a halfway mark on the band tape it there then go to the other side and mark it, or cut it off right there.

Next, take it and cut it about an inch 1/4 from the end of the band. Then start a cut from the end of the band to the center of the longer hang off to form the spike.

Afterwards, cry because you just realized you ran out of tape. So go refill your tape you slacker.

After that, put the ring on and see how it feels, if you can push the spike into the back of your hand, its too long, trim it down a smidge.

Step 5: The Second Band, Woo!

Long Instructable short, repeat the first band, but have it only go up to the first bend of your finger (look at the pictures).

Step 6: Second Spikey Thing

Repeating steps, yay! Make it like the first one

For this spike though, have the tip end at about the 1/4 mark front the front of the first band. Mine covers more, you can if you want, I just have stiff fingers, so I can't bend it by flexing my fingers.

Step 7: Third Spike, Yay!

First, cut out another spike, a little smaller width as the first two, because this will be slid under the second band.

Next, make it a little arrowheady (pictures will help)

After, put both bands on, check the comfort, then side the third spike under, remember it must stick out farther than the first, so don't push it all the way down, once you have it how you like, tape it in from only the front end, youll see why in a bit.

Step 8: Pivots!

Take a short length of wire two to three inches and add a sharp point, this will be your poker, in which to make your pivot holes.

First. Take your second band off and find a bit where both spikes connect at the bottom. Stab your wire through on both sides.

Second, cut a much shorter wire, like 3/4'' and make it into a c shape using the veryyy tip of the pliers. (x2)

Next, push one end through the top hole and down into the third spike (x2)

Then, using your pliers, squeeze the wires together at the hole. Then bend outside wire around the band and the wire inside to the inner band.

Step 9: Guess What.... There's More Spikes...

With this last (yes last, you can breathe a sigh of relief, ill wait.... good? Okay) spike, do the same thing, but have the front stick farther out on the first band, this will help with connecting the two, and just appeal. (refer to pictures)

Step 10: Stabbing Your Fingers Repeatedly

Attach the spike the same way as the other one, whilst trying not to stab your fingers like I did.. I have a nice dried blood look to one side now though....

Step 11: Attaching the Rings Together

First take a short length of HP about 1 1/2'' ish in length and abut 3/4 in width and tape it to the top of the first band, slide the rings on your finger and adjust the new length to comfort and tape it in.

Now, you can leave the paper white, or paint it, color it, anything.

So now Voilà. A cool strong paper ring. I personally wired mine into the second band. You don't have to though. (pictures included) Hope you enjoy, and tell me if any of you use this helping make any armor or other cool things!



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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    okay so, to make this easy, at the point where both spikes touch, poke the wire through. Then take the excess wire bend it to the shape of the ring bit. I this didn't help, ill make a video using two scrap pieces. :)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This looks really cool and would be awesome to add to any armor costume!