Full Handle Bushcraft Knife

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I made this knife form mild steel. I cut it out with angle grinder cut off discs and grinded it to shape with a grinding disc. i grinded the straight bevel as well. i used an orbital sander to polish the blade with 220 grit. the scales are oak from old hardwood flooring. the brass pins are 1/4 inch. I secured it with epoxy. the knife has some character marks



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    john tierney

    6 years ago on Introduction

    i don't know why people give mild steel a bad wrap, i mean, it is essentially iron and iron is what allowed man to evolve into what we are today, so it can't be hardened or tempered, it doesn't matter, it'll bend while other mens high carbon blades chip and snap, and a for the edge, a good whetstone every few days if you use it camping does the finest job possible.

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    Yes there is a great deal of logic to it...however when i use this knife, even on wood, i need to constantly resharpen it even after only say 20 minutes.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I never could get mild steel to take a very good edge, let alone hold it. The material, and the grain simply are not correct for the task. It looks like a good job mounting the handle to me though from what I can see. I've had to do similar myself for a machete I bought with a bad plastic handle.

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Did you ever try hardening it? I know it doesn't harden as much as high or even medium carbon steel, but it is my understanding that if you use a really really fast quenchant (brine with some detergent in it if I remember right) it can be hardened to a degree.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    No. If I was going to go through the trouble I'd start out with the right material first. The amount mild steel can be hardened isn't worth the effort. I saw the numbers once and I can't remember them offhand, but I do recall the thoughts I had when I did. I'm the sort that is really into the steel they sharpen. I'm also quite partial to Solingen tool steels specifically. I like my Henckels. I've a few of their black twins kitchen cutlery that could be stars in slasher films! Although I prefer to employ them in slicing paper thin tomatoes.

    The best part is I've picked mine all up at yard sales for a buck a piece. I can smell good steel. heh

    I know I have never seen one anything like it before so yes it is my own design. In my opinion all knife makers have a certain image that they see in their eyes of what makes a good knife. The story about this knife starts like this- Way back when...well not to far back im only 15...but a few years ago i made a knife i was very proud of. It was hunting knife style with a basic drop point... and i acually had a steel cross guard... but yeah and then i had oak scales. i was so proud of this knife...until my dad pointed out tht the handle was too small...it was a big disappointment. he wasnt being mean just pointing out the issue. after that event i made this knife and i sure as hell wasnt gonna have the handle too small. So i made sure to have it be full sized and perfect. i checked and rechecked that it was going to work. When i had the handles on i was very content with what i had made. So yeah thats how it happened! and then this beauty came out. And no i do not mind if you make one yourself...just be sure to credit those deserving ;) but in all reality i recommend against it. to me the best part of knife making is having you own personal creativity. Work on knife sketches whenever possibly as always- Happy Craft BC

    Thanks for letting me use your design. I'm not sure i want to use a design that's not mine, but i was just wandering. i would see if i could put my own personal twist on it, but i don't think that is possible, as its kind of hard to mess with a design that's already perfect. and if i do decide to make one, don't worry about not getting the credit you deserve. i ALWAYS give credit where credit is due. and even if i would take credit (which I'm NOT gonna do) i don't sell any of my knives anyway, so nobody is gonna see it but me.

    Thanks! i really like hearing that. But so you know i just went with a basic geometric thing that felt good to me. You can twist anything to become something different. Be creative- BC