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The traditional Irish breakfast composes of various fried vegetables and locally baked bread, freshly-cooked meats, and local farm produces all prepared in tons of creamery butter and served with a strong breakfast tea and juice. This occasional meal is a composition of sausages, tomatoes, white and black pudding, bacon, beans, eggs, mushrooms, potatoes, homemade bread, butter with tea or juice to wash it down. Apart from its heavy look on a dish, it’s certainly enough to fuel a hefty human for a long day of work.

Here are the main essentials:

Step 1: Irish Sausage

Irish sausages are usually made from freshly-ground beef or pork seasoned with spices and some amount of rusk. Irish sausages are huge; larger than traditional American breakfast sausages but smaller than the German Bratwurst. The spices are deliciously balanced and can be paired with traditional side dishes such as potatoes. The Irish chefs consider it cooked when it turns golden brown or slightly burnt.

Step 2: Bacon

Slices of bacon are usually referred to as rasher in Ireland, Australia, and the UK. Unlike the even strips of bacon common in the U.S., the Irish bacon is usually round; it’s often made from the back meat of a pig – compare to U.S. bacon made from the pork belly. You will find them served in many coffee shops as your breakfast in Dublin meal. It is also considered cooked when it gives a golden brown color.

Step 3: Black Pudding

Black pudding also known as blood pudding is a soft-textured sausage made from (avoid reading further if you have a weak heart)…. the blood of pigs or cattle (yayks!). The blood is blended with other ingredients like pork, beef, fat, or bread to create familiar sausage constancy. It’s cooked when it becomes crispy.

Step 4: Beans

The Irish breakfast is not complete without the beans. It is usually less sweet due to the lack of brown sugar included in most American baked beans and it often contains tomato sauce element. The baked beans are a quick breakfast favorite in both Ireland and England.

Step 5: Irish Brown Bread

The Irish brown bread is also an integral part of the Irish breakfast. It’s basically a quick rustic wheat bread made with baking soda and it’s made in the form of loaves, rounds or scones and it's adored by many Irish people.

Step 6: Cheese

Although you can have your full Irish breakfast with any cheese you like, the fully Irish inspired breakfast would have the Dubliner cheese included. It is named after Dublin of course. It’s an aged white Cheddar made in Carbery, Ireland. The Dubliner cheese has a ting of sweetness and a somewhat firmer texture than the common U.S. yellow-orange Cheddar cheese. Also served in many lunch in Dublin sandwiches

Step 7: Potatoes

Not just any potatoes, but potato farls. These are another essential components that often complement the Irish breakfast. The square-shaped potato farls are made from potatoes, flour, and salt. To cap it up, you need a cup of hot, freshly-brewed tea to wash down the considerable breakfast. With a meal like that, oh boy! You are sure to start the day with full energy.

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    7 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Extraordinary looking breakfast#


    2 years ago

    I fell in love with these sausages decades ago. People I know don't forget to bring back to me these sausages when they come from UK. They're hard to find in France, except at Marks & Spencer but they don't have so many stores (and they're known to close them without any annouce !).

    Husky Runner

    2 years ago

    This isnt an Irish breakfast as such, its what the tourism trade will happily sell you as an Irish breakfast, but its really just a cooked breakfast. its totally diffetent in the many corners of Ireland, but my way is black pud, poached eggs on brown bread and maybe a sausage. Having beans, potatoes and tomatoes are English imports.

    The full Irish or English breakfast is always a favourite of mine. We do have some sourcing the black puddings here in the States but the rest is pretty easy.

    As for the Dubliner cheese, Kerrigold is the brand we can now find in most of our local grocers. If you don't see it ask the clerk. Sometimes it is almost like they tuck it away from sight.



    2 years ago

    I was lucky enough to spend 9 days touring Ireland and I absolutely fell in love with the Irish breakfast. We also would have a white pudding, and the fried tomato. Everyone in our group seemed to know that if they didn't want their puddings they could just put them on my plate.


    2 years ago

    im an aussie my mum is from ireland in my experience breakfast is just bacon, eggs, sausage, beans, fried tomato (or tomato and onion) and fried soda bread or potato bread if there was left over mash. irish breakfast is the best food ever and is very versatile whatever you can't get can be substituted without too much fuss.


    Great looking breakfast. My only question is, where does one buy Dubliner cheese. Can you order it online?