Full Throtle Knex Roller Coaster

Introduction: Full Throtle Knex Roller Coaster

About: I'm a 16 year-old guy who loves to build mechanics out of knex. my main interests are ball machines and roller coasters. My real name is Matt and I'm a christian. I live in Australia or more commonly known a...

Hi! I'm Tornado96 and this is another roller coaster instructable on my recent knex coaster Full Throtle. This is the first knex LAUNCHED roller coaster on instructables and the layout is very realistic. First up there is the Booster which launches the car at full speed up the hill. Waiting at the top is a colossal loop which then Goes to a three-quarter loop. Prepare to puke because coming up is a vertical drop followed closely by a cobra roll. If you think that is all, upcoming is a small hill followed by a twisting horseshoe. Now, get ready to build this colossal coaster. Tell me if you see anything that can improve. Advance to next step to start building.     

Step 1: Piece Count

Here's a piece count of the roller coaster. Have in mind that they are all micro pieces:


Black: 44
Yellow: 24
Grey: 160
Red: 78
Purple: 374
Blue: 245
Orange: 33


Green 1-slot: 16
Orange 2-slot: 6
Purple 2-slot: 88
Yellow 3-slot: 99
Light Grey 4-slot: 38
Red 5-slot: 89
Blue 3-D: 292
Dark Grey 3-D: 115
Black 8-slot: 14


Tan Y Connectors: 83
White Spacers: 10
Booster: 1
Track Pieces: 20

Total: 1829

Now that you've collected the 1829 pieces it's time to start building.

Step 2: Horseshoe Support

Not much to it. Just follow the pictures and image notes. WATCH OUT for those little Tan Y connectors!

Step 3: Booster Attachment

This is the propulsion system from Lava Launcher. Follow the pictures and make sure you build everything right.

Step 4: Hill Support

This is the support for the hill. Again, make sure you build it correctly.

Step 5: The Base

This is the base of the launch hill. It also has some support for the cobra roll.

Step 6: The Tower

This is the structure that holds the launch and the loop.

Step 7: Launch Hill Support

This is the inclination that supports the launch hill.

Step 8: Cobra Roll Support Part 1

This is the support of the big cobra roll.

Step 9: Cobra Roll Support Part 2

The second part of the cobra roll.

Step 10: Vertical Drop Support

This is the support of the vertical drop.

Step 11: Loop Support Part 1

This is the support for the huge loop at the peak of the coaster.

Step 12: Loop Support Part 2

You're almost done! This is the second part of the loop support.

Step 13: Adding the Track

Now that your finally done with the support it's time to put on the track. Look carefully for where the track is attached.

Step 14: Your DONE!!!

Congratulations!!!! You have just built Full throttle. Have fun watching the car whiz around the track. If you can somehow shrink then ask a relative to stick you on the coaster.
Have fun. 

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    38 Discussions

    This looks cool, and I want to build it. However, I used to have the launcher, but I don't know where it went. Could you make a rubber band version?


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Looks cool! If I ever get the Lava Launch set I'll build it. Do you have a video of it?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    No and sorry for a really late reply :-P


    6 years ago

    Hey I just got finished with the coaster and it's not getting up and over the horseshoe. Any suggestions???


    building ths now. need a brake from making the great bear from hershey park. i just cant get an outer lop to work.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    You should check the one I'm working on now. It's the best I've ever done. The link is in my profile.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    5* no doubt about it awesome job!!!!!!!! you rock i also rated 5* on your micro ball launcher which by the way worked perfectly


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Glad to hear the ball launcher worked.