Full-color, Programmable LED Display

Introduction: Full-color, Programmable LED Display

Professional LED display screens using full-color LED modules. Build scrolling LED signs, indoor or outdoor digital billboards or video walls.

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Step 1: LED Display Modules for Scrolling Signs, LED Billboards and Video Walls.

Full-color, high-resolution LED matrix screens can be built by using the latest LED modules and dedicated LED controller boards.

Applications include simple scrolling signs, digital billboards and video walls.

The LED controller board has specialized ICs and firmware that take care of all the low-level tasks for managing a digital display matrix including data transmission, pixel mapping, color correction and many other details.

Here is a typical advanced LED controller board. It comes with a full-featured (Windows) software application for screen management and content programming. The controller communicates with a PC via the on-board high-speed Ethernet port. The pixel data and other instructions are received, processed and transferred to the LEDs via the 16-pin connectors on the HUB board.

This controller comes with 8 LED connectors. Each connector is responsible for 1 row of LED display modules. You can daisy-chain up to 16 modules per row. Therefore each controller can manage up to 128 LED modules ( 8 x 16 ). The advantage of this system is that you can add additional controllers and expand the screen up to (1,920 x 1,080) pixel resolution.

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Digital Valley USA

Step 2: Block Diagram for a Modular LED Display Screen or Video Wall

Step 3: Simple Enclosure - Open LED Sign

Aluminum profiles, corner pieces and steel joists are used to build custom LED signs. The LED modules come with magnetic cylinders for easy attachment to the steel joists. Switching power supplies distribute 5 Volt DC to the LED modules. (About 6 to 8 modules to each 200W power supply).

For more information and inquiries:

Digital Valley USA

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