Full/Semi Auto Oodammo Slingshot





Introduction: Full/Semi Auto Oodammo Slingshot

About: I paint, write music, and used to build knex guns. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art. - updated 5/7/2014

I don't have the entire gun made with real knex, but I did build the trigger to ensure that it works. It has a 3 round magazine (you should be able to use up to 5 rounds with a little less range per shot) and fires the bullets consecutively as the trigger is pulled down (you can fire full or semi auto this way). Add elastics to the trigger, attach 3 elastics (one for each round in your guns max capacity) to each of the blocks (6 elastics in all) at the front tip of the barrel.

If you build this, please take picture(s) and/or make a video.



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    looks awesome... have you built it? and if you have, whats its range?

    Can i have the .ldr file for that gun, i really want to build it


    u can email it to me imaweasal@gmail.com


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    Made it and its amazing!!!!! I'll post a video soon. but one problem.. I've been testing and making a few mod's and havent yet song it semi-atuo. But overall an great gun no faults very comfy, havent tested the range yet but will soon.

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    Cool, thanks. What did you mean by "havent yet song it semi-atuo"? Can you elaborate please?


    New, and impoved, video

     Good idea, however you think it would be possible to use a sort of hinged wheel mech (i can explain if you dont know what i mean) to optimize efficiency and capacity?

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    It depends on whether or not the trigger can be pulled slowly and easily enough to fire semi auto. Take a look at tombuckey's video link on this page.

    You got a point there, I'll give you that. But sometimes repeaters aren't always reliable. On some occasions they are, other times they're not. I guess it just depends on what type of gun you have, and whether you're confident that it's really accurate or not.

    It's pretty good. You can custom select colors to be more realistic and then duplicate the piece to make all of those pieces match.