Fully 3D Printed Card Wallet With Card Pusher




Intro: Fully 3D Printed Card Wallet With Card Pusher

This is a Fully 3D Printed card Wallet that can be printed using no supports and it is assembled using no glue or screws.

This Card Wallet uses unique card inserts that hold onto each card individually so they will not slide out accidentally. There is also a card pusher that is activated by sliding a knob on the side.

The Wallet is very easy to print because it does not need any supports, it can also be assembled in under a minute using no screws or glue. Also it is very easily disassembled it at any time.

The assembly can hold up to 4 cards at a time and is only a half inch thick. If you want to print a dual color one like the orange and white one in the picture then just change materials after the first two layers of the print.

Step 1: Print the Parts

Print all of the parts on your 3D printer.

I used PLA for everything and it worked out great.

You will need to print 4 of the Card Inserts at .08mm layer height, if your printer cannot do that then just print at the smallest layer height that you can.

For all of the other parts I printed them at .16mm layer height.

Step 2: Assemble You Card Holder

Assembly is really simple and easy, as you can see in the video the card inserts are placed inside of the bottom part and then the pusher is put on the post in the back partt. After that the top part is slid on to the top and snaps into place. Congratulations! you are done now have fun with your new Card Wallet!

Step 3: Optional Use for Card Wallet

Something that you could do is use double sided tape to attach the car wallet to the back of a phone case creating a very handy phone wallet combo!



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6 Discussions


4 months ago

I had to make it! Suggested layer heights worked well. Bit tight for my cards. An excellent test for printer calibration.

1 reply

Reply 4 months ago

Looks good! The cards should start to fit better after you have used it for a while and they have worn in the channels.


5 months ago

I loved the concept and the design of your project. You can add another feature like a slide-in lid over the top, to prevent the cards from accidently falling down.

Keep going! Great Build.

1 reply

Reply 5 months ago

Thanks! Glad that you liked it. The cards are actually very securely held within the case so no need for a lid.

Penolopy Bulnick

5 months ago

I like the design and the honeycomb pattern you put on it :D


5 months ago

Very clever, tidy design. I like it!