Fully-Automated Nerf Stephan Cutter (FANSC)





Introduction: Fully-Automated Nerf Stephan Cutter (FANSC)

Using Lego NXT i made a machine that cuts FBR into similar lengths
About 1.3-1.5inches
This is in the prototype stage
The programming was simple

- motor A,B sipn and slide fbr forward
-motor C cuts it
the only problem is that the blanks are not cut prefectaly flat (10degrees)



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    yea i understand i took some pics at 12 noon and they where all dark

    You could even do that on two motors. Nicely done. But it would be cheaper if it werent made of legos. But not everyone can program little circuit thingys. ( i wish i could =( )
    Add a light senser to make it stop when it runs out .

    a LEGO NXT set cost 150$ if you want to get one i didn't buy any extra parts, i only used 3 motors

    I don't know why i'm saying this but my older brother's name is Stephan

    i know only problem is that if you want a custom machine that would do that it would cost about 10 to 20 thousand dollars

    It's called foam backer rod, which is normally used to fill gaps in trim or cracks in asphalt, prior to sealing with caulking. In this case, FBR happens to be the perfect diameter to use as ammo in home-made nerf guns - just cut it to length and add a weight to the end.