Fully Modded Eachine E010 Tinywhoop

Introduction: Fully Modded Eachine E010 Tinywhoop

The Eachine E010 is the perfect start for a great and affordable FPV tinywhoop. This is my take on a a fully modded E010 which is a capable indoor racer. If you re not aware what I'm talking about: FPV stands for first person view. A little camera on this tiny drone transmits video signals to goggles/screen which gives the pilot the perspective of sitting in the drone. Tinywhoop is a category of drones which are suited for beginners as well as pros as they are affordable, tiny and crash resistant.


Eachine E010 drone with transmitter


Racerstar 0615 67000rpm brushed motors

Gaoneng 1s 300mAh battery

Gemfan 1219 props

3d printed camera mount

Eachine TX06 AIO FPV cam

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Step 1: Remove Board

  • Remove the canopy of the E010
  • losen 2 screws (one in the front one in the end)
  • carefully remove the board

Step 2: Install Motors and Board

  • put the 0615 motors in the round motor holders.
  • make sure to install them correctly: the clockwise motor comes with Red Blue Wire (up-left and down-right), counter-clockwise motor with Black White Wire (up-right and down left)
  • mount the board to the frame using 2 screws
  • wire the motors to the board (same as on the standard E010)

Step 3: Install the AIO Cam

  • solder the power wires of the AIO cam directly to the board
  • put the 3d printed mount on the AIO cam
  • use 3 screws to mount the AIO cam on the frame

Step 4: Props and Battery

  • put the new props on
  • Insert the battery (when using 300mah batteries you need to cut out the batteryholder to push the battery through)

Step 5: Have Fun!

after spending a bit of time and a few bucks you are ready to go! Your E010 is now much faster and louder! Enjoy!

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