Fume Extractor Powered by Bench Top Power Supply



Hi there, in this instructable I am gonna show how to make a simple fume extractor that can be powered from a benchtop power supply.

here is the parts list

2x 12volt fan

plastic box

2x bullet connector


leftover metal mesh

and some wire

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Step 1: Prepping the Case

I drilled a hole for the fans and screws. then I placed metal mesh and placed screws on it. After I placed the mesh, fan blades made a noise because of the contact with the mesh. Later, I soldered two 12v fans in parallel on a small piece of perfboard.

Step 2: Assembly

I placed filters, closed the box and soldered two wires to the bullet connectors. Finally I attached the bullet connectors to the stable 12v aux ports to my power supply.

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