Fume Extractor With a Helping Hand

About: They Call me Wallace.

Hello my Fellow Instructables.

Here is my Fume Extractor With A Helping Hand. 

My Parts List.
5mm PVC Sheet. Cut in to 5 Pieces
Two 3 Inch Computer Fans.

1 LED , 1  Switch
Wires,  Front Grill For The Carbon Filter, Not Pictured,
2 1/4" 30 Cm Plastic  Flexible Coolant Oil Hose. From Ebay  I Have Put  An Alligator  Clip on Each End.
There is a 3rd Stand alone Helping Hand That i Could place Any where.
1 LED Strip. Optional.  It Gives My Fume Extractor A Nice Green Glow. Just Like My Power Supply.

Hot Glue All the Pieces Together, After Cutting The Holes for the Fans.
My Fume Extractor is 8 Inches tall  By  3 Inches  Deep  And  7 Inches Wide.

It Works Great And its  Not Too Loud.

My Project is Done.....   I Installed a Power Jack So it Could Get Connected To A 12V Power Adapter.

Well Go And Make Something

And Have Fun......



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