Fun Candy Ornament

Introduction: Fun Candy Ornament

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This is a really fun project and even though I made it up, I still had a lot of fun making it.  And the best part, it looks really good on your Christmas tree.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

2 big bottles
red, white, and glitter paint
transparent wrap
hot glue
and wire

Step 2: Cutting It Up

Right now you only need to know where to cut it, which  if you had a wrapper on your big bottles, it is right on the top of the wrapper. If you already took of your wrappers off, there is an indent on the bottle so you know where to cut it.

Step 3: Glueing It Together

This is an easy step. For this you only need to put the glue on one of your cut out bottle parts. Now put the glue all around the rim. Then press the two together, and whalla you just glued them together.  

Step 4: Painting Your Candy Ornament

The painting part is really simple too. First you paint the whole outside of it white. (wait for it to dry before doing the next part). Then you take a thinner paintbrush and on one side paint a swirl. You do the same on the other side. After that dries you want to take your sparkley paint and cover the whole thing with it.

Step 5: Putting on the Wrapper

For putting on the wrapper, you need to cut out a piece of transparent wrap.  You want to make it big enough to wrap all the way around the now painted candy. So you put the candy on the wrap and roll it up.  Then you take out the ribbon and tie it up. Just a tip, tie it on the part of the bottle sticking out. You can put the bow wherever you want but it looks best in front of one of the swirls.

Step 6: For the Hook

For this part you will need to make a loop with your wire and you will need to cut the ends so they are the same leanghth. Then on the top of your candy you push it in. Its easiest to do it in the glue part. Then you make a hook and put the parts together.

Step 7: The End

So now you have a really fun ornament and its ready to hang up.

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