Fun Christmas Tree



Introduction: Fun Christmas Tree

Thanks for taking time out to visit us again here at the Curiosity craft Centre.

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Step 1: Hello and Merry Christmas to You All

We wanted to brighten these dark nights up at out little workshop and decided to make a colorful fun Christmas tree out of a few things we had around the workshop, or as the wife said "do it as cheap as chips husband we don't have much spare cash"

The remit was to make it for less than £10, it had to be colorful and bright.... I didn't include price of LED lights in this as I'll use them on another project.

Soooooo come and join us and see how we did it

Step 2: Materials Used

Here in the workshop we had

An old pallet

Water tight container ( not the one in the first photo) I found a better one laying around the shop

2.2M 3 x 2 timber

LED from another project

We had to buy

Some hooks

green string

cable connector


sealed plug socket

Step 3: Mark Out Pallet

I started marking out the top of the pallet in a clock shape moving all the way around until it had spaces between each line of around 250mm (16 in total) on this pallet however if you use a smaller or larger one then these will be different

Step 4: Making a Circle and Top Section

We used a small off cut of board and drilled 2 holes 1 for the centre and 1 as near to the edge of the pallet as possible.

Once circle in pencil was complete on the bottom of the pallet I was going to cut a smaller (8") circle out of ply for the top, however I had an off cut from another project but you will need to cut something for the top.

Then transfer pencil lines from bottom of pallet to your top ply circle

Step 5: Adding Your Hooks to Pallet and Top Section

As you can see in the photos work around the base of the pallet and around the top section drilling and adding hooks all the way around using your pencil lines as a guide

Step 6: Top Section

Take your 3 x 2 timber and screw your brackets flush with the bottom as the picture and drill and screw this to the pallet

Step 7: Add Top Section

Mark your wooden post from corner to corner to find the centre and drill and screw your plywood circle on to the top keeping the hook roughly in line with the bottom hooks

Step 8: Painting Your Project

We painted ours green (well the wife did, I went for a cuppa tea) but let your imagination run wild and paint in bright colors to suit yourself then let it all dry over night

Step 9: String You Tree Up

Tie your string to the top hook (anyone you like) and work your way around going from top to bottom we started with hook 1 on the top down to hook 3 on the bottom to give it a little twist effect but have a play around yourself for best way to do it. once complete you can start to dress your tree

In our case we used LED lights, 2 types and Tinsel

To keep it all together we used more of the same string to blend in and tie wraps on the LED's

Step 10: Weather Proof Power Supply

Yes yes all you electricians out there will be saying this is not right and yes I agree to a certain amount, however why pay for expensive weather proof box to keep a plug in it when you have water tight containers all over the house to use for a temporary basis so we used a weather tight cable glad and a sealed plug in socket added some rubber feet and passed the wire and plug into the water tight container.

Attached the bucket to the pallet inside the tree and away you go....... one big bright beautiful tree to light your garden

Hope you like our tree... come say hi anytime.. until then be safe, take care but above all have fun

Merry Christmas to you all from all of us at the Curiosity Craft Centre

Step 11: Bright Nights - Party Time

Thank you for watching

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