Fun, Easy Puzzles for Kids



Introduction: Fun, Easy Puzzles for Kids

Turn coloring pages into fun puzzles for kids, if your kids are old enough to, you can let them help, or let them do this on their own for a craft :D

items needed:
picture(s) to color
crayons, colored pencils, markers, or paints, your choice :D
card stock or some other semi-stiff but cut able paper
a flat edge to help spread glue and smooth the picture down after gluing, i used two Popsicle sticks, but use whatever you can find

Step 1: First Step

of course, is to color the picture, i suggest using bright, bold colors, and crayons may be best for that, but i prefer colored pencils, so use whatever coloring utensils you prefer to color your picture(s)  (i made 14 of these puzzles)

Step 2: Step Three

flip picture over and apply glue liberally, you might want to make sure you have your card stock or whatever your using for backing ready
use your straight edge to spread the glue, you dont know at this point where all your edges will be, so its best to make sure the whole back is covered well
flip picture over on backing and smooth with hands, then use clean straight edge to smooth further and help spread the glue thinly between the two pieces of paper
let sit to dry
you may want to let it dry under a heavy book, i just let my puzzles sit out, and they're all a bit curly

Step 3: Final Step

cut out picture, how complex you make your pieces depends on the age of the kid(s) your making it for, i have a 3 year old daughter, and my fiance has a 4 year old son, so i made mine relatively simple for them

if your making multiple puzzles, you may want to mark the backs so you know what pieces go to which puzzle, since i made 14 of them, and im keeping them all together in a large envelope, i had to make sure to mark every piece

let your kid(s) enjoy their puzzles :D

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