Fun Flowerpot Parrot Feeder




Parrots understand the importance of maintaining fitness and health by having fun finding and eating their food! Parrots aren't born in cages staring at the same food dish day in and day out. They naturally forage and have an amazing ability to solve complex problems that elude some humans. Such as how to hang upside down with their head in a flowerpot while cracking a nut!

Step 1: Make the Flowerpot Feeder

1. You need a plastic flowerpot with a base, a length of plastic chain, a metal skewer, cable ties, a pair of scissors and something to cut the plastic chain. I used aviation snips.

2. Make one small hole at the center of the base of the flowerpot. Make two small holes next to each other in the middle of the bottom of the flowerpot.

3. Cut through the side of the end link of the plastic chain and remove it from the chain.

4. Push a cable tie through the hole in the bottom of the base and up through one of the holes into the base of the flowerpot. Loop the cable tie around the end link of the plastic chain and then poke the cable tie back down through the second hole in the base of the flower pot. It will be a tight fit but now push it through the single hole in the flowerpot base, loop it around the single split ring and fasten tightly.

Step 2: Hang the Flowerpot Feeder

To hang the flowerpot feeder, cut another split link at the end of the chain. Use this to join links of the chain together at whatever height you need. I found that the pot did not sit straight. So I got one of the parrot's toys that had a bit of weight to it and using cable ties, attached it to the bottom split link for stability. Use the split link at the bottom to hang skewers of food or treats.

Step 3: Finished BIRD Delight

Enough said as far as Reggie is concerned. Enjoy your feathered friends and have fun!



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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    That's a happy bird! I see he's enjoying a pepper in the new feeder. My parrotlet loves peppers and can eat hotter ones than I can!

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    I don't know how they eat them but they love peppers!