Fun Game Controllers With MaKey MaKey

Introduction: Fun Game Controllers With MaKey MaKey

MaKey MaKey is "an invention kit for everyone!" You can use this kit to turn any object that can conduct electricity into a controller or keyboard. In this Instructable, we'll use a ready-made computer game and some every day objects--we turned our staff kitchen into "office supplies" vs. "lunch supplies."

Step 1: Materials Needed

  • Computer with internet connection
  • 1 MaKey MaKey kit
  • 2 paper clips
  • 2 clementines (again, you can use whatever you want for controllers, as long as it conducts electricity--go nuts!)

Step 2: Pull Up Your Game

Someone made a WONDERFUL Scratch-based "Color Game" that you can find here:

In this game, players use certain keyboard keys (A, S, F, and G) to respond to words or simple pictures shown on the screen. For this project, we will need four objects to be the "buttons" for each of those keys.

Step 3: Connect Your MaKey MaKey

Connect your MaKey MaKey controller to your computer via USB. On the back of the MaKey MaKey are additional ports for more "keys" on your keyboard or controller. On the left, you'll find ports for the letters we need--A, S, F, and G. Use the MaKey MaKey's white wires in these ports.

Step 4: Connect Your Buttons

Now you'll need four objects that conduct electricity to be your "buttons." We decided to have "office supplies" vs. "lunch supplies" and used paper clips and clementines, respectively. Use one end of an alligator clip to contact the white wire and the other to clip to your object.

Step 5: Connect the Players

When using these "buttons," the players are essentially closing a circuit, so whoever is playing will ALSO need to be connected to the MaKey MaKey. Use an alligator clip in one of the bottom "earth" slots on the controller, and have the other end contact the player's skin. You can hold the metal in your hand or make a (not so) fancy foil bracelet to clip it to.

Step 6: Play Away!

Now your objects will act as buttons! You can test them out in a text editor or jump in and start playing! Instructions for the game are at the site:

This game can be modified by having many players clip in, all with their own "buttons."

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