Fun Natural Looking Makeup for Guys




Here's a fun look any guy can pull off. I'll teach you how to apply natural makeup that will enhance your features as well as add a little extra fun to the look to give it that full striking appearance that everyone will be paying attention to.


I am using professional brand makeup to pull off this look, but anyone with a budget can also pull this off. I will list the materials that I used as well as other alternatives that will work just as well.

  • Kett Hydro makeup Foundation (or any liquid foundation)
  • Muse Metal Palette and Spatula (optional)
  • Kett Fixx Creme Makeup [Ruby Palette] or liquid concealer/concealer stick (must be 1 or 2 shades lighter than foundation)
  • Kett Colorless Setting Powder (or any powder foundation that is similar in color to the liquid foundation)
  • Pumpkin Blush
  • Lip Gloss or Lip Balm
  • Gel Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Brow Pencil
  • Foundation Brush
  • Powder Brush
  • Fan Brush
  • Brow Comb
  • Eyelid Brush
  • Eyelash Curler

Step 2: Start Out With a Clean Face

Make sure to wash face with a gentle cleanser of your choice followed by moisturizer to smooth and even out your skin for easier makeup application.

Step 3: Apply Liquid-Based Foundation

  • Using the liquid-based foundation, place a nickel-sized amount onto a metal palette. If you wish to mix foundation, use a spatula to mix the colors together. You may also use your hand if a metal palette and spatula are unavailable. I mixed two ruby-based foundation together to create a tone that matches my skin tone. I use the ruby-based because my skin has red undertones. For those with more of a yellow complexion, an olive-based foundation is recommended.
  • Using a foundation brush, I apply the makeup evenly throughout the face. No need to be generous with the makeup. Apply as little as you are comfortable to ensure a natural look.

Step 4: Concealer

  • Once the liquid foundation has been evenly distributed, clean the foundation brush with a paper towel or tissue and dab on your concealer. Choose a shade that is 1 or 2 shades lighter than the initial foundation. Yellow tinted concealer will be really useful in hiding dark circles that tend to be purple to dark brown in color.
  • I just apply a little bit under and around my eyes, down the bridge of my nose, on the forehead, chin, and jawline. The lighter color will help in enhancing those features to give a more masculine look.

Step 5: Set

Using a powder brush, apply a small amount of your setting powder (colored or non-colored) and gently apply all over the face in circular motions. This will make sure the make up lasts and also the circular motion will help in blending everything altogether.

*Be careful not to use too much. We are trying to achieve a more natural look with our skin.

Step 6: Brows

  • Take your Brow comb and comb the brows following its natural shape.
  • Using a brow pencil, fill the area around the shape of the brow. You are mostly just filling in the brow and not shaping it in anyway. This will ensure a fuller, natural looking brow. *If you already have nicely defined brows, there is no need for this step.


This is completely optional, but I find it very aesthetically pleasing for guys who have softer looking eyes or have tired looking eyes.

I have naturally droopy eyes that make me look sad or tired all the time, so to make up for it, I add some gel eyeliner to make my eyes pop. I don't put too much, just a thin line along the shape of my eye and some underneath using my eyeliner brush. You can simply just line the top and skip the bottom. Guys who will do this step will find that it will help give their eyes definition and the appearance of looking more awake. Also, it is visually striking. (:

Step 8: Mascara! Yes...Mascara!!!

Now, if you skipped the previous step because you already have gorgeously shaped eyes, an added benefit to the "looking awake" look are eyelashes that pop. Therefore, I encourage this step!

  • To achieve this, first take your mascara and apply a small amount onto the upper and bottom eyelashes using a motion that follows the growth pattern of the lashes. Remember, less is more.
  • Next, take the eyelash curler and gently curl the lashes. This will help to open up your gorgeous eyes.
  • For guys who naturally have thick lashes, skip the mascara, but make sure to curl those lashes. You wouldn't want those lashes to droop down onto your eyes.

Step 9: Blush

Depending on your skin tone, the right colored blush will help to give some color back to your face that was covered away by the foundation. So, for lighter toned men, I suggest using a peach-based blush, while medium to dark skin tones can opt for anywhere form pumpkin to dark brown blush. MAKE SURE IT IS MATTE AND NOT SHIMMERY!

  • Using a fan brush take small amount of blush and apply across the cheek bones in a sweeping motion. Apply around the tip and sides of the nose, near the hairline and underneath the jaws.
  • Then, pick up the powder brush again and just blend everything with a circular motion. Make sure to get around the neck area to avoid the look of lines.

Step 10: Lips

It is important to have hydrated lips so use lip balm and top it off with a very tiny amount of lip gloss on top for added shine.

Step 11: Take a Selfie!

Once everything is done, feel free to go over areas that were missed and go over the little details if you wish. Then, take a selfie because after this, you know just how much more handsome you look! Now go out there and have fun!



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    24 Discussions


    3 months ago

    You don't need the bottom lashes. Makes your eyes look like Michael Myers' mask.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    This is a brilliant simple technique! Looks awesome!


    4 years ago

    This is so great! Just what the world needs... keep posting!


    4 years ago

    Hey...there's a reason why Johnny Depp is so hot to girls. love the eyeliner. So guys, feel free to wear eyeliner, I promise you that the girls will go nuts.


    4 years ago



    4 years ago

    This would be a great base for stage actors. Thanks for the tutorial aimed at guys!

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago

    nah, the eyeliner is too much for stage work as it is shown here. just one little line about 1/8 - 1/4 inch following the lower lid contour (& not all the way over) is all that's needed to emphasize the eyes. otherwise, you'll look like a racoon to the folks in the nosebleed section.


    Reply 4 years ago

    I did stage work years ago.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Respect. I've always asked myself if girls can hide blemishes with makeup why can't guys?


    4 years ago

    Will tell all my guy friends to do this


    4 years ago

    Traducción: cómo tener pinta de maricona


    4 years ago on Introduction

    You should also include that the best way to get one's thats closer to their skin tone is to test it on the wrist... try to match it exactly or you'd look like a ghost! Or just a poor drag queen!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I dont know why but the feminine features got enhanced. It look more feminine than natural.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    completely agree. Not natural at all... Look what girls and women have to deal with these days. All the plastic surgeries, money spent on beauty products because they think they need them... Personally, I think women look much better without all the make up. That is natural. Not this....