Fun Summer Plates

Introduction: Fun Summer Plates

About: Hello everyone, my name is Ashley. I am a mother of 2, I love to try my hand at crafting. I love natural living and repurposing anything. I am new here and I hope you like my entries.

Nothing says summer like warm weather, watermelon, and ants. ANTS? I know, no one likes ants including me but these easy DIY plates are perfect for summer. Plus the kids really get a kick out of them.

There are two ways to do this, a paint marker or vinyl. Vinyl looks a lot more detailed but plates with vinyl shouldn’t really be used for eating, they would be more for decoration. You can get vinyl that stays on the plate for years and is even dishwasher safe, the problem with that is little particles of food can stick and cause bacteria to grow. That’s why I say vinyl is better for decoration or things like the outside of cups. A place where your food is not directly touching. The best method for a long lasting design that you can eat off of is a paint marker. I used the DecoArt Glass Paint Marker in black. This marker is dishwasher safe, good for porcelain and metal too, and it can be baked in the oven for durability.

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Step 1: Materials

  • Plain white plate ( got mine from Walmart for .88)
  • DecoArt Glass Paint Marker
  • pencil or pen with a point for making the legs
  • Vinyl and cutting machine for decorative plates only

Step 2: Making the Ant Body

For vinyl all you need to do is make your design and cut it out with machine. I use a Silhouette Cameo to cut my vinyl but any machine will work. Put your tiny ants on your plate and you are done. Only do this for decorative plates.

If you are using the paint marker method you need to start by making 3 little circles on your plate. While the paint is still wet (work quickly the paint drys fast) use your pencil and take the circles you have made to connect them together.

Then do the same to make the 6 legs and antenna. If your paint dries before you are able to make all of the legs you can always take your pen/pencil and touch the tip of the paint marker to get paint on the tip and then draw your legs.

Step 3: Bake and Enjoy

Put those little ants all over, in any pattern you would like. After you are satisfied with your pattern place your plates in the oven on 300 degrees for about 30 minuets. Please check to make sure the kind of plate you are using is suitable for the oven. I am using ceramic.

Let your plates cool completely before adding anything cold to them. Enjoy!

Step 4:

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