Fun Ways to Reuse Plastic Eggs in Your Classroom



As a third grade teacher, I am always trying to come up with new ways to engage my students that do not involve worksheets. I am also a mom and now that Easter is over, what to do with all those plastic eggs.
Here is what I have come up with... I plan on using these for learning centers.

1. Eggcellent Equations

Write equations on several eggs that have the same answers. Students then sort the eggs based on answers. Don't tell them any answers up front.

I made 3 eggs that equal 10, 3, that equal 24, 3 that equal 32,and 3 that equal 50

Students record mystery answer equations in center journal.

Students that finish early can make up more equations that equal 10, 24, 32, or 50 

2. Prefix and Base Eggs

Make three eggs tops with the prefixes re, un, pre
bottoms of eggs base or root words (I also like to think of the base words as the base of the eggs)
base words you can use: write, read, mix, do, happy, qualify, make, cook, rest, dressed, wind, pack

Student put together prefixes with base words and decide if they are words. Words are recorded in center journal. If they have extra time, they can come up woth more words that use the prefixes from the center.

3. Egg Memory Match

Use to review for an upcoming test. Write a review question in one egg and a correct answer in another. This works well for two to four students to play at a time, depending on how many eggs you are using. Spread the eggs out. Students open two eggs at a time to see if the question and answer match, if they do then they keep, if not, then close the egg up and the other person tries.




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