Fun With Candy

Introduction: Fun With Candy

This instructable will show you how to take an every day candy and turn it into a Candy of Firey Doom. Your friends will resent you for it, your enemies will be in pain, and your annoying brother may very well be incapacitated from the sheer fire that eminates from this candy's core.
*I take no responsibility for how you use this candy, nor do i endorse its use on children, enemies, or reiends*

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Step 1: Materials Needed

Well to make this candy of pure evil, you will need a few things.
1. A candy that has a soft filling. My mother keeps reese's peanutbutter egges stocked through easter, so that is what i use.
2. A little tine spoon to scoop out filling
3. Hot sauce of some sort. I used tobasco as I haven't been able to get my hands on the hotter stuff yet.
4. A thin flat metal object with a non metal handle. I used a butter knife
5. A lighter, open flame, or boiling water. This will be used to heat up the knife enough to melt chocolate.
6. Not Pictured* a freezer to cool the candy

Step 2: Unwrap the Candy

This step, believe it or not, is extremely important. You must take care to slowly and evenly unwrap the candy. If there are too many tears in the candy's wrapper then it wont look right afterwards. I also suggest you let the wrapper maintain as much of its original shape as possible.

Step 3: Split the Egg

For this step, you must use your flat object to break the "factory seal" around the outside of the egg. Since the chocolate is thin, it doesnt take too much effort to split it in two.

After it is split you will use the small spoon to hollow out ONE SIDE  of the candy. If you hollow out both sides it will be impossible to put it together again. You will essentially have a peanut butter and chocolate Humpty Dumpty

Step 4: Filling

For this step you are going to be filling the egg with your hot sauce of choice. Its quite easy and should only take about 3-4 drops to have a decent amount inside. After you have the hot sauce put in, flatten out the filling and lay it on top to help keet the hot sauce from pouring out.

Step 5:

After the filling is done you will put the non hot sauce filled side on top of the hot sauce filled side.

Afterwards, take your knife and heat it up untill it is hot enough to melt chocolate.

Take the now hot knife and use it to melt the chocolate around the seam in order to create a seal and keep in the tobasco sauce.

Step 6: Freeze, Wrap, and Set Your Trap

This is exactly as it sounds. You will need to take your now melty egg and place it in the freezer to cool it down and harden the seam. After five or so minuts it should be hard enough to be put back into its wrapper, and in its wrapper it shall go.

Take the egg and pace it in the part of the wrapper that is still mostly whole then fold the rest of the wrapper around it. If its done correctly you will have an egg that looks extremely similar to the original with one majot difference.

Happy pranking!

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