Fun With Chrome Extensions!!!

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Hows it going guys it me again and today i wanted to show off a pretty fun extension. With this extension you can replace whatever text you see on webpages and troll your friends. Anyways if you are interested and/or are very sexy then by all means keep reading and yes....i'm hitting on you.

Step 1: Finding the Extension

Okay guys so this extension should be easy to find if you have chrome. I don't know if they have this for Firefox or Netscape or Whatever crap you use but i know how smart and sexy my viewers are and i'm sure you can figure it out. :D

Step 2: Adding the Extension

If you've never added chrome extension before then all you want to do is search the store, find the extension, then click add to Chrome. Once its added it should be at the top left of you page.

Step 3: My YouTube

Okay first of all i have chosen to mess with my YouTube since it sucks and i have only 27 subscribers.

Step 4: Opening Search and Replace

Click on the Search in replace extension. Once you opened it(might take a sec) then you enter what you want to search for and what you want to replace. Then press the "Go" button. Once again it could take a couple of minutes.

Step 5: Lol

Okay so as you can see from the picture i went from 27 subscribes to 999999. Unfortunately once you refresh the page it resets because i'm sure you can't permanently change webpages with an extension. If you want to do that then you should probably look into XSS cross scripting

Step 6: Aww Shucks

Anyways thanks guys for checking out this instructable i know it probably wasn't interesting and you're going to comment about how bad my writing is but thanks :D



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    That_Jamie_S_GuyCandy Cane

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    xD . did you see the video of my ball machine? i uploaded it yesterday :)