Corn Syrup Shampoo Prank

This instructable is about a prank involving corn syrup , one that if done right will be very funny.

Things needed for this instructable:
-corn syrup
-a bottle of shampoo( preferably the clear kind of shampoo)
-and guts to pull this off

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Step 1: Assembling the Prank

First thing to do is to empty the bottle of shampoo.

next is to fill it up with corn syrup.

Then place the bottled prank in a place it will be used such as a bathroom, close to or in a bathtub or shower.

Wait for some one to use the prank.

Step 2: Waiting for the Results

Now is the time to wait for some unsuspecting person to mistake the corn syrup for shampoo.

Warning to place corn syrup in hair and then precede to get it wet will be a very awful feeling, the person being pranked will be very upset towards you for doing this so i take no responsibility for what may happen.

Have fun.



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    inventor scout

    4 years ago

    What does corn syrup do when wet?