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Introduction: Functional Apple IPhone Stand

Fellow Instructablers,

I'd like to have a discussion on building a functional iPhone stand. While, yes, all iPhone stands prop up your phone, nearly of them fail to consider "real world" usage of the device. So, before I built anything, I came up with a list of requirements that my iPhone stand had to have:

1) It must be able to hold iPhone vertically or horizontally, although I prefer a vertical-orientation at work.

2) It must be able to connect iPhone to computer using data/charge cable.

3) It must be able to pick up iPhone to answer a call without having to disconnect from cable.

4) It must not put unnecessary strain on data/charge cable (i.e., no sharp bends).

5) It must be able to accommodate any size case .

With those requirements in mind, I came up with an “easel” design that has a split back to accommodate picking up the iPhone without having to disconnect. For materials, I picked up a piece of thick wire from HomeDepot, which cost around $3.00. To make the bends, I just used a pliers and ‘guestamated’ the dimensions. You're looking at my second version because the first one was too short (thus bent the cable too much).

I really like the design as it meets all of my requirements. It is a little 'top heavy', so I may make a small base for it. But, it doesn't get knocked around, so that's not a top priority. Besides, I'm interested in seeing how others can improve upon this design.

If you think you can improve upon this while still adhering to the above requirements, please post your creation. Try to use the key word "Functional iPhone Stand", so it's easy to find.




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    I friggen love this instructable. It is very simple but such a needed item.

    I'm looking for ideas to make a stand to hold my 'Pod in my van's cup-holder, and can probably adapt this one by using longer wire and adding a circular "foot"/base to one of the legs, and side prongs to the uprights to hold against sideways slippage. It's either this idea or hacking a cup-holder-mounted trucker's ashtray... Thanks!

    I liked it so much that I made an instructable on how I made mine, I hope you don't mind that I use you as an inspiration. I did credit you, cause it was your design. I just added the end bit.

    I'm searching for the same requirements and I found your post, the only improvement I can see is a plastic cover to the metal (so that the structure won't scratch or crack the device), I'll search for electrical wires to produce my own.

    It would also be nice that you could give us measures and angles of that design, I will go by photografic aproach, measuring the picture considering the measures os the iphone shown in the picture. :)

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    I've been using vinyl tape (electric tape) to cover rough ends in my experiments. I've also used 15A conduit, which is stiff and covered, then you tape the ends. Also, I've played around with foam earplugs.

    this design will work perfect for my Android powerd VodaFone 845

    i really like the simplicity of your design.
    Im trying to figure out exactly how you went about bending the wire to that shape, to no avail. Im hoping that after some trial and error i will get it right.

    A little step by step would be nice, great stuff either way.

    i think you can use a metal clothes hanger, then use a pair of pliers to bend to the desired shape.

    whats it made of? i tried making one from random stuff but i gues you would know how that turned out hehehe