Functional Magic Wands

Introduction: Functional Magic Wands

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Avada Kedavra!. and someone burst into nothingness. But in reality we cannot use it in day to day basis. But now you can use your very own.... Function Magic Wands!. You can now cast Lumos! or Use the Visible Ink! It's really simple though, Let me show you how!.

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Step 1: Now Gather the Materials Needed!

Set foot on an adventure to the woods and gather a type of wood, that has a hole inside of it.

Go fourth to the Dwarven's Cavern and borrow a Multitool they use.

Go to your mothers Kitchen and Get a pair of Scissors.

Go to your library, get some Pencil and a Marker too.

and finally Journey into the Sands for some Sand paper!.

what you've got right now is the ff:

Wooden Stick (any length)

Multi tool (optional: knife)




sand paper.

Step 2: Now Let Begin!.

Using your Dwarven's Multitool Shave off the wooden stick bark.

and Using your sand paper, Smooth it's edges.

Step 3: Now Let Design!

Go get your pencil and draw a design on your Wooden stick.

you can do any kind of design as you want.

I want my design to look like Hermoine's wand

so we're doing Hermoine's

Step 4: Now Let's Carve Our Way!

Carving is very easy, use your Dwarven multitool and carve your design onto it,

follow your preferred design and Carve your way!.

if you want to know more about carving or whittling, just ask the Dwarves (adult help!).

Step 5: Colour Your Wand!.

Color your Wooden Stick with your preferred color or color that you like,

Mine is black so I'll use Marker for it.

to Blacken it all out and for a hint of mystery feeling in the wand.

Step 6: Now Your Wand Is Nearly Complete!

It's near it's completion,

now you must use your imagination to make your wand in good use,

Remember to find a wooden stick with a hole in its middle.

You can put any functioning stuff in it,

for example a pen!.

Now let get Busy again!.

Step 7: A Functioning Wand Indeed!

To make this functioning wand you must get a pen!

get the inside of the pen and now your left with the pen itself.

insert the pen inside your wand

Step 8: Now Your Wand Is Complete!

You can use it in school and show your friends your new functioning magical wand!

Make them follow you and join the army of wizards in search for wisdom and knowledge!

Step 9: Lumos!

But wait there's more!

if you want another way to make a useful wand there is another way,

Come I'll show you!

and prepare for another type of wand in hand!

Step 10: Lighting Magic Wand!

Cast the spell Lumos to lighten up your way!

Lumos! to find the lost treasures beneath your bed, every nuke and cranny.

Lumos! to mourn the loss of our one great wizard.

Step 11: Magic the Gathering!

Now Gather the materials needed,

Now Set fourth to a journey, and find Wires in electrical lands,

Go fourth to the land of papyrus to find a piece of Glue Gun

Go to volcanic mouths to find a lighter that emits fire and light in it's bottom,

and To your library to get some newspaper, Ohh! maybe there are new info's here!

and let continue!

What has been gathered shall be needed:


Lighter (with L.E.D at the bottom)

Glue Gun (Optional: Glue Stick)


Step 12: Let's Get Started!

Go get your Dwarven Multitool and crack open that lighter's bottom to get the needed material it's light!

it's shown above what's it looks like.

after you've get it lets go to our next step.

Step 13: Electricfreckazam!

Now with this Dwarven's Circuit Diagram let build this lighting device,

With your wires follow the circuit diagram and lengthen the connection between the light and it's batteries.

twist and turn your wire so that the connections will be stable,

and the length of the wire must be the same with the diagonal length of your paper.

Step 14: With Paper, Through Paper, in Paper!

Now with your paper, Cut it in your preferred length. mines 9'' by 11'' so let continue

Through paper, Wrap your wire with the battery case in line with the end of the paper (as shown above)

and your light on the other end of the line in parallel to your paper.

In paper!, Now your Circuitry is in the paper, Let's continue on!

Step 15: With Wand Blackens Through Ash Hardens

As the headers implies not with the Ash hardens,

Color your wand to your preferred color, mines Black because it's available at times needed.

and for mystery also.

Step 16: Now Design, Design Upon the Wand

Now designing is very easy with the use of your trusty ol' Glue gun,

Glue guns are like the 3D pens of the olden days, so if you probably know about 3D pens then lets head on,

With your Glue Gun, upon gluing it into the wand why not hover it and wait for it's residue to flow, while blowing gently.

to make it harden when it sticks to the wand.

Design with your preferred design!.

Let your imagination run wild!

Step 17: Lumos! All the Way!

Go test your wand if the connections are stable and the viola!.


Step 18: Magic Meets Function

Now your wand is functional go boast it upon those who envy and help them make their very own....

Functional Magic Wand!!!

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    3 years ago

    Great instructable!