Functional Art €” Hexagon Tallbike




Introduction: Functional Art €” Hexagon Tallbike

After more than 20,000km, my daily transit tallbike was crushed by a car... the driver stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake!

After a brief grieving period I decided to model the new one from the old one, I photographed it from the side, imported it into Adobe Illustrator to scale, then started playing with shapes using as many existing bits as possible, 2 hours later I had a geometry that might just work...

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Step 1:

Next I measured some basic dimensions and enlarged the hexagon and printed it to make a jig.

Then I made the hexagon using the print-out...

Step 2:

Then I found some other standard bike bits, welded them together, then gave it a coat of paint...

Step 3:

The a test ride was necessary, then a couple of small additions to minimise unwanted flex here and there.

Step 4:

Much beer was needed for testing, and a new artwork was created from the old tallbike — RESOLUTION!!!

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    Can we see a few more pictures of the finished product? I really like the design. I am brainstorming my next tall bike as we speak.