Functioning K'nex Padlock With a Key





Introduction: Functioning K'nex Padlock With a Key

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Hello again! This is my fifth entry to the Rods and Connectors Contest (I believe you can only have 5?). This is, as explained, a fully functioning K'nex padlock with a key to open it. I won't bother explaining how it works because the image notes will do a better job, just look at the final picture. I was inspired by KillerSafeCracker's padlock but I though it was too large so I designed and made this new mech. Overall, I was able to shave one "unit" off the side. Since this is my entry to the contest, it would be greatly appreciated if you could vote for this lock in the Rods and Connectors Contest!



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    Phew! Give a vote for my fastest building spree ever!

    Thanks! I tired to make it as compact as possible.

    Nice! Would it be to my disadvantage if I posted an entry later in the allowed time? Do I have to post something completely new, or could I post something built but unposted?

    Then it wouldn't lock properly...It needs the rubber band to function.

    Thanks! Please vote for it! Also, I will post instruction be on the look out.