Funko POP Forky in a Box

This is a cardboard costume. It is very eay and inexpensive to make.


Hot glue and gun
Paint: white, black , blue, red, yellow snd brush
Prints of “POP” and “TOY STORY 4”
Heavy duty scissors and box cutter
Belt or rope

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Step 1: Box

You will need a box large enough for the wearer to stand in.
Cut away one corner of the box . Measure 4 inches from the edge.
Paint box white on the outside and black on the inside.
Draw straight lines one inch from the edges and 3 inches from the edges.
Paint blue inside the lines.
Print out “POP” and “TOY STORY 4” images. Cut out the images and glue to the box.
Make 2 Forky masks from cardboard. The masks need to be large enough to cover the wearer from head to waist.
Draw and paint on the facial features.
One mask:
When dry turn the mask over and make eye holes . Glue a headband to the cardboard about an inch above the eye holes.
Second mask:
Cut in half from top to bottom. Cut a rectangle and paint it white for the neck. Glue the neck and half mask to the bottom of the left side.

Step 2: Make the Body

The body of Forky is made from cardboard.
Cut out the body so it is a few inches wider than the wearer. Paint the fork white and the feet a mix of white and yellow. Paint the arms red.
After the body dries turn over and glue a belt or rope to the back at the waistline of the wearer.
You’re ready to go! Enjoy your costume!

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