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Introduction: Funky Book Design Shoes

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Stand out from the crowd by creating a unique pair of 'book themed' shoes, a perfect gift for yourself or a friend.

Just follow these easy steps and you'll have your own pair in no time!

Step 1: Materials:

- An old book – try not to use thin paper as it will rip easily and would be translucent once glued on the shoe

- A pair of shoes – mine happens to be new shoes however old ones would work too as long as they are clean. Any colour will do because you will be covering up most of it, and any type of canvas shoe can be used

- Sealant Glue that dries translucent – I chose to use Mod Podge however other glues such as PVA will be fine as long as a paint brush can be used with it and it dries translucent

- Paint brushes – reasonably small

- Craft knife

- Scissors

- Ruler

- Paint (optional)

Step 2: Prepare

Take the laces out of the shoes and keep them for later. Cut or rip the book up so the text is horizontal and can still be read. Cut or rip them into sizes roughly 1 ½ to 2 cm width at first. You'll find that once you start gluing, different sizes and shapes may be needed.

Step 3: Glue

Before you start gluing make sure the piece you want to put on fits the shoe properly. I chose to rip most of the paper to give it an interesting look, and when I came to an edge of the shoe I used scissors so the paper would fit correctly. Try to get the paper to fit as close to the shoe edge as possible so when it glues, the edges can be tucked in. You can use a pencil tip or what I used was the end of tweezers for this. By tucking the edges in, it is less likely to rip later.

Using a paintbrush, brush on the glue on the opposite side of the paper you want shown. Glue onto the shoe and smooth the bubbles and creases out. Try and get the edges of the paper as glued down as possible however it does not need to be perfect due to later steps.

It also does not matter about the lace holes so layer the paper over those and when you smooth the bubbles out, press down over the metal frame of the hole to get the outline. Then, use a pencil when the glue is still wet and poke through the lace hole.

Step 4: Seal

Once the shoe sides are fully covered in the paper, it is time to seal it. Use the same glue as before and brush glue in a thin layer over the sides. Wait 20 minutes for the glue to dry before brushing on another layer. This will seal the paper and smooth the sides, making it more durable so it will last longer. If you want a shinier finish or added protection, add a few more layers of the glue.

To fully seal it, I decided to glue the edges of the shoes as well, so any paper unevenly glued over the sides would be stuck down. Brush a thick layer around the edge of the shoe and wipe away any excess which goes over the sides. The thicker layer will take longer to dry so be careful if moving it someplace else.

Step 5: Finish

For the finishing touches use the craft knife on the bottom edges of the shoes for any paper which has overlapped the sides. Use extra glue if the side comes loose afterwards, and tuck the edges in like before.

I decided to use paint to colour the inside flap black, as I thought it matched better with the paper. However it is your decision what to do and depends on the shoe colour you have chosen.

Otherwise just lace the shoes back up (wait for the paint and glue to fully dry) and your shoes are complete!

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    22 Discussions

    I covered each piece of paper with saran wrap to protect the paper?

    1 reply

    Hey! So I'm not sure this will work since saran wrap is quite loose and doesn't stick well to paper, if you want to water proof and provide extra protection to the paper even after using the glue, I suggest a spray such as Rust-Oleum Clear.

    How long does the glue last with wear? Bad weather? Rain, dirt, wrinkles etc?

    1 reply

    Hey! The glue will last depending on how you treat the shoes. I wouldn't suggest wearing them on wet days, because although it is a sealant it's not fully waterproof and especially with the paper, the design could get damaged over time - however you can waterproof it yourself with a spray. Dirt and mud should be fine because of the sealant making a layer of protection, so just wipe off with a wet cloth. Wrinkles are not something you can really prevent unfortunately, because the paper and glue will make the shoe slightly stiffer then usual so first time wearing them will be the first time the shoe has bent and moved since making them, which could cause the paper to wrinkle. Just make sure you have cut and smoothed the paper carefully while gluing and this will prevent wrinkles as best as possible. Overall I think the glue should last 2 - 4 months depending on care, and if there are any tears in the paper, just dab more glue under and on to repair. The good thing about this is you can peel off the paper when it starts to really wear and do it all over again if you want.

    Great idea! I don't know how I didn't already think of this.

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    ShapeThat is A "Great, Awesome Idea". I Have a Worn out pair of Sneakers I won't give UP! Their discolored, But in Good Shape. I Plan on doing this Tommorrow. Thank you for "Saving my Sneakers". I bet in a different language like French etc. Would be interstanding.!!

    Your So Creative. Thank you.

    1 reply

    i think that is a good idea can you make them with flat or any shoes i want to make those lol that was good

    1 reply

    You can do them with pretty much any type of shoe so long as there's a reasonably smooth type of material the shoe is made from that the paper can stick to. So heels, wedges, boots etc will all work as well. Thanks :D

    This looks really cool. And you can always add another layer at any time to change what book it is.

    1 reply