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 A DYNO is a rock climbing move that is short for dynamic movement. A DYNO is a way to gain distance, height, and style points when climbing a rock wall. With a DYNO you completely jump off of the wall and then catch back on at a rock that is a few feet out of your reaching span. When I do it I am usually bouldering on a shorter wall. You also can do it on a top rope, but bouldering is the best place to do it. I always go climbing at Vertical Endevors because it is the best place ever, and I always wear sweats and a sleaveless shirt because it is very comfortable.  
Rock climbing in general is a great way to keep in shape and a fun way to "show off"  


Step 1: Requirements

Good finger strength
Good arm strength
Good leg strength 
A positive attitude

Step 2: Find a Rock

This step might be hard. The starting hold usually should be really easy to hold and pretty big. 

Step 3: Find a Rock to Jump To

Once again another pretty hard step. The finishing hold should be just like the start hold, a bigger easy to grab rock. 

Step 4: How to DYNO

To DYNO you need to start on the holds you picked. From there you need to swing a few times to see where you could go and to prepare to jump. From there you jump and hope to snag the rock you chose. It is a matter of hope to DYNO that is why the positive attitude is very important. Also it involves a ton and a half of practice and a lot of falling before you get it, so don't get discouraged when you miss just keep trying. 

Step 5: (NEED TO HAVE) Saftey Precautions

You need to have a spotter or a crash pad so you don't fall and get hurt 
If you use a top rope you need a belayer 
Never land with locked legs or arms because it is a way to break bones. No pressure 

So the point I'm trying to get across is don't do anything too stupid



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