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Introduction: Funky Om Nom Nom Pendant With Candy Earring

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Hello Fellows,

I used to be a gamer in the days of Mario & Contra. I haven’t played much since then and until touch based mobile gaming revolution.  And there came a game so evil that it can kill your time without you even knowing it. It’s called ‘Cut the Rope’ with a little cute monster called ‘Om Nom Nom’. I love this cute monster even since I started playing this game.

I saw Game in life contest (Read it: Please vote:) ) and wondered that I cannot make any iBle that could belong here. Thanks to Om Nom Nom who came to my rescue and I got this Idea of making a funky Om Nom Nom Pendant with Candy earring.

A big thanks and love to my cousin who embraced my creations and took time to pose for me during her time critical school exams.

Warning: If you don’t already know about this game and thinking of giving it a try, it can be very very addictive, you may fall in love with the cute monster so much that other’s may become jealous of you :-). So be careful :-) I have warned you. LOL   

This was my first project using felt and I am glad that it came out well. I have learned things about felt and endless possibilities with it.

Let’s begin the fun.

Step 1: Stuff That You Will Need.

This is what you will need to make earrings and pendant.
  1. Felt (I got A4 size sheets and they were pre-glued for stiffness). You would need very little felt in this project so cut the sheets carefully to reduce waste and promote reuse.
Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Black, Green
  1. Some artistic or memory wire. OPTIONAL if you get readymade earrings hooks
  2. Round nose plier. OPTIONAL if you get readymade earrings hooks
  3. 3-5 antique finish eyelets
  4. Eyelet punch tool
  5. Sharp small scissor
  6. A zig zag scissor
  7. Fabric or no stitch glue
  8. A small hammer.
  9. Some decorative tiny stars
  10. A felt marker or sketch pen
  11. Cotton string or chain for pendant
  12. A round object or geometrical compass.
  13. A measuring scale.
  14. ESSENTIAL: Love for Om Nom :)
  15. Very basic drawing skills.

Step 2: Making the Candy Earrings Part 1

Pick Red, Yellow and Orange Felt and proceed as follows:
  1. Using the round object or compass draw two circles on the orange sheet. You can decide on how big you want the earrings to look, mine was about 2cms in radius (Image 1)
  2. Take a piece of thick paper and draw a circle of the same radius as you did in #1. (Image 2)
  3. On the red felt, draw two more small circles about  1/2cm radius (I used the glue cap to draw the circle) (Image 3)
  4. Cut the red circles and glue on orange circles (don’t cut them yet) (image 4).
  5. Draw the design on paper circles as shown on the image 5.
  6. Cut two squares of yellow about 4x4cms. Put one over another. Apply a dot of glue in the centre of paper circles and place it about the yellow squares.  (This will help prevent the movement of paper while you cut.) (Image 5)
TIP: I have learned that using a paper template to cut felt help you get better results when you are cutting them using a scissor
  1. Cut the curves on the paper circle as shown in image 6, this way you will get two yellow shapes that will depict the candy shades.
  2. Glue the yellow shapes above the red small circles as shown in Image 7. Glue stars in the centre of each earring.
  3. Don’t extract the circles yet from the orange felt. Let the glue dry for a while.
NOTE: Due to some poor lighting conditions and editing of picture the colors in the picture are looking different, sorry about that.

Let’s make the earrings hooks and attach eyelets in the next step.

Step 3: Making the Candy Earrings Part 2

Making the hooks (feel free to skip it if you have earring hooks)
  1. Take about 3 inch of wire and create a loop using pliers (Image 1)
  2. Create an outer loop using hands (Image 2).
  3. Bend the wire as shown in image 3 using a pen of cylindrical object.
  4. Create a small loop as shown in Image 4 using the round nose pliers.
You have to create 2 such hooks and 3 loops (2 for earrings and 1 for pendant.)

Attaching eyelets (See eyelet image tutorial) and earring hooks.
  1. Create a hole using the eyelet tool
  2. Insert an eyelet.
  3. Hammer the other tool on eyelet to attach it.
Now cut the earrings from the orange felt and attach the hooks in the eyelet hole.

The candy earrings are ready :). Cute??

Let’s make the pendant now in next step, which is even more fun.

Step 4: Making the Om Nom Pendant

Here comes the cute monster :)

Cut a rectangle of yellow and white felt of size 6cmx3.5cm, proceed as follows
  1. Glue the two rectangles together. We are doing this to provide additional stiffness to the pendant.
  2. On the green felt, draw Om nom using the sketch pen in the corner (Its actually easy). The size of om nom is about 2.5x2.5cm.  (Image 1)
If drawing is not your thing, then you can get an image from internet and trace it on the felt
  1. Cut 4 tiny teeth triangles from white felt. A thin strip from black felt.  (Image 2)
  2. Glue the teeth and black strip as shown in Image 3.
  3. Cut the om nom as shown in Image 4.
  4. On the white felt, draw eyes of om nom (Image 5) and cut.
  5. Glue it on om non as shown in the Image 6, cut the remaining om nom.
Congratulations You just got your cute monster  :)
  1. Cut the yellow rectangle from bottom using the zig-zag scissors to create a pattern (Image 7)
  2. Glue om nom a on the rectangle a little above the pattern.
  3. Cut 3 small pieces of cotton string and glue them as shown in Image 8.
  4. Create a small candy using the orange and yellow felt (Its simpler than earrings), paste it above the om nom.
  5. Stick 3 stars as shown in Image 9.
  6. Attach an eyelet (Image 9), attach wire loop in eyelet hole and insert cotton string.
Congratulations!! The cutest ever om nom pendant is ready :)

I hope you enjoyed this iBle as much as I did while making this.

Please do share your feedback in comments. If you like this iBle, please vote (The voting button usually appears within 24 hours of publishing the iBle, in case it’s not yet visible and you decide to come back, I would really appreciate it.)

Thanks for stopping by.
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    Shubh V
    Shubh V

    7 years ago on Step 2

    Very cute!! First,i adore this game n addicted of it.second, n more important,wonderful concept instructable.Third, n most important amazingly superb creative piece! All around wonderful job Tarun!! Good luck in the contest!