Funky Shoes

Introduction: Funky Shoes

These shoes are made from 11 1/2" doll shoes.  A girl cannot wear enough shoes if she only has two feet.

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Step 1: Step 2. Collect Tools:

-Small jewelry pliers
-Small jewelry round nose pliers
-Small wire cutters
-Small needle
-Large needle

Step 2: Step 1. Collect Materials:

-Small shoes (from any 11½” doll such as Barbie”
-Beads (any beads, use your imagination)
-Ear wires
-Eye pins
-Jump rings

Step 3: Step 3, Piercing Hole in the Shoe

Step 3 a: Pierce a hole in the pack of each shoe with a small needle.
Step 3 b: Enlarge the hole with the large needle (if difficult, heat the end of the needles before piercing).

Step 4: Step 4. Assembling the Shoe:

Step 4a. Slip jump rings through each hole of each shoe.
Step 4b. String beads onto the eye pins.
Step 4c. Cut excess wire if using less beads and leave a little bit is wire to curl.
Step 4d. Curl the end of the wire to make another eye.

Step 5: Step 5 Finishing Shoes

Attach one end of stringed beads to the jump-ring that is attached to the shoe and the other end to the ear wire.

Step 6: Here It Is

Presto, now you have a pair of funky shoe earrings.

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