Modified T-Shirt From Your Oldies




Do you have a boring old T-shirt that desperately need a face lift?? Try this out for  a new look...   :-)

I have posted this in the Hurriecane contest too.
I am a day care mom who is working full time,and do not have enough time for my sewing and crafting work which I love it very much.If ever I win the laser cutter I will give up my full time job or reduce it to a couple of hours(because I do a lot of craft work  with the kids and they will be dissapointed to see me no more)and start my own business at  home as I have enough and more sewing orders which I can not do it on time.Every instructable I do with the help of the laser cutter,I will definetly post it on this great site.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Old T shirt
Sewing Scissors
Sequins -Colour of your choice
Threads to match the sequins
Marking chalk
Measuring  Tape/Ruler
Unpicker (not included)
Sewing Machine
(Not included)

Step 2: Lets Start Cutting

Place T shirt  flat on the table and cut the hem away.

Step 3:

From bottom take about 28-30 cm high and draw a line with a light coloured  chalk.Depends on how high you want the cut.You can take it even higher.I marked up to my waist line.

Step 4: Cut! Cut! Cut!

Cut in  stripes with 2.5 -3 cm spacing

Step 5: Pull! Pull! Pull!

Pull and stretch the strips

Step 6:

I wanted a bit longer sleeves ,so I removed the hem.If you don't want it ,then cut it off .

Step 7:

Same as in step 4  just cut in strips with 2.5-3cm spacing.

Step 8:

Same as in step 5 pull and stretch the strips

Step 9:

Oooops Sorry about the change of colour. taken from  my phone as I was at work.

Picture shows back of the T shirt

Do the knots.If you insert a medium size bead before you do the knots it will be nice.
Once you do the knots the sleeves become a little short,so it is up to your  choice.

Step 10:

Draw your preferred design on your T shirt... I drew two hearts   :)

Step 11:

Sew the sequins around, if you want you  can fill the heart with sequins.

Step 12:

I sewed two little hearts on one sleeve too.....

Step 13:


An old  T shirt  re fashioned...

Don't you think it's nice?
I know for sure you will end up chopping all your old T shirts !!!

Cast your vote for me please....  if you like it.
Thank you for reading.......



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