Funky Cabinet Made From Repurposed/found Items

Introduction: Funky Cabinet Made From Repurposed/found Items

About: TBD is a blog about making fun stuff on the cheap. I love crafting, refinishing furniture and upcycling. My name is Denise and I live in North Vancouver, BC.

In the fall I took an intro to woodworking course. It was 6 classes and they supplied a workshop, an experienced instructor and a piece of wood. Our project was to make a stool. Well I didn't need nor want a stool so I decided to make a cabinet for my bathroom.

I had some table legs that I found at the dump that I really wanted to use. I also tracked down a free wood pallet that I thought I could take apart and then use the wood as part of my cabinet.

During the 6 classes I was able to create the top and bottom pieces using the wood supplied by the course. The sides and back were made from the wood pallet. I also was able to use the drill press to add the table legs to the bottom piece of the cabinet.

After the class was over, I assembled the cabinet. I used scrap plywood for the shelves. And then figured out a design for the finish.  I went with a harlequin motif. I had a bunch of scrap vinyl that I grabbed from work for free. It's perfect for stenciling and colour blocking.

For the finish, I really wanted to have natural wood coming through as well as a few colours. Most of the cabinet is off-white with accents of natural wood, yellow, blue, grey and black.

The cabinet didn't cost much in supplies but was pretty time consuming. I'm really happy with the end product!



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    The thumbnails do not work for me. When I click on them, the image above does not change. I'm using Firefox 10.0.2 on a MacBook Pro OSX 10.6.8

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    Hi MrGreggan!

    I checked the thumbnails on a Mac and a PC - both worked for me. You can check out my blog post on the project to view the pics...

    Here's the process rundown:

    Here's the final project: