Funky Speakers




Intro: Funky Speakers

This indestructable will show you how to make cool speakers.
The idea is to use an old drum set to put a speaker in it and have DECORATIVE music art.
First find a drum set that is used but in good condition.
Try this link

Step 1: Chosing Speakers

Chose a speaker tht covers all or most of the drums area.
Try this link

You definantly want the speaker to be 15 or bigger in diameter.
If you have to, take apart a box speaker and use that.

Step 2: Where to Mount.

To mount find and mark the center of your drum.
Use a compas to draw a circle that is 1 less than the size as your speaker.

Step 3: How to Mount

Use a utility knife to cut out the circle and put the speaker in. Be sure to put glue on the edges of the back of the speaker. Give it 24 hours to dry and the finnished product should look like this.




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      Weasel, in general there's nothing wrong with hypothetical instructables, not indestructables but clearer diagrams with a bit more time put in to them, or actually building them would be better...

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      Yes, but even you should realize that this should be more of a forum post. He's making it sound in his words that he has done it, or did do it in this instructable and he's writing about it, when clearly it's just an idea he came up with in his head.

      You're right that he doesn't appear to have done not just his but a few other of his 'ibles, I was however going for the benefit of the doubt and waiting to see if he'd respond to feedback, since he hasn't I'm inclined to agree...


      Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

      And there's nothing wrong with that, but you need to state that, don't make it appear like you've done this when you really haven't, this is where we get people trying dangerous or stupid things because they think that it has been performed successfully on here in an instructable, when it really hasn't been. I'm not saying your instructable is dangerous, but just think, if I wrote up a whole instructable about cutting aquarium glass with a blow torch, and made it appear like I've actually tried this, who's to say that someone else on here see's my writeup and decides to try it, resulting in them melting the flesh off their hand with the said blowtorch. Liability Ensues..