Funny Clown Cardboard Toys




Introduction: Funny Clown Cardboard Toys

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You just need almost 3 minutes for this homemade cardboard funny toy.

Step 1: Materials

- Cardboard

- 1 Popsicles or tongue depressor

- 2 Coins

Step 2: His Body

Draw and cut out a simple shape of the funny clown.

Step 3: His Head and Hand

Cut your popsicles to make a head, stick 2 coins to make the 2 hands.

Step 4: Finnal Step

Draw to complete his head and body.

Yep, your homemade Balancing Science Toy Cardboard Funny Clown done, you
can play it every where by balancing on your hand or you can use it as a funny table top toy.

Step 5: Playing

Please check out above how this funny toy works.

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    3 years ago

    I´ve already made one works great...i hope my son enjoy it! Thanks a lot....