Funny Face Fingerprint People

Introduction: Funny Face Fingerprint People

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Looking for a fun, quick and easy craft that even your kids can do? I fell in love with the idea of using fingerprints for painting, and ended up making myself an entire set of notecards with little fingerprint characters. 

Step 1: Paint and Press

Use two colors instead of one for more colorful little people. Simply squirt a dab of each color in a paint tray.

Then press your finger in the paint, and press on the card. Voila! You have a head. If you plan to make families or kids, use your little finger for a smaller size.

Step 2: Eyes and Bodies

Let the paint dry a short while and then paint two round white circles for the eyes with a small pointed paint brush.

While the white paint is drying, take a nice black felt tip pen and begin giving your little people their personality. You can draw different hair styles and different angles for the arms and legs. You will be surprised at how different the personalities of your little people become when you draw them.

Step 3: Finish Up

After the white for the eyes has dried, simple color in two small black dots for the center of the eyes with the black felt pen - and there you have it... a fun little person ready to spread joy across the world (or at least across the city!). If you want to add a little extra something, find a nice quote at The Quotations Page and add it to your card.

Step 4: More Fingerprint Inspiration

Experiment with flowers and hearts.

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