Funny Fake Virus Code


Introduction: Funny Fake Virus Code

About: Just like to have fun

This virus will scare your friends if they don't know you did it
if you have any comments or questions leave them

Step 1: Run CMD

First you have to run the CMD program to do this
goto programs goto run and type in CMD or Command

Step 2: Setting It Up

To set this CMD code up when the CMD pop up comes up put this in w/out Quotes

Step 3: The Code

Copy this Code:
@echo OFF
title Virus Detected Do Not Close Window
echo Virus Detected attempting to remove virus...
echo (press any key to continue)
pause >nul
echo Virus is spreading throughout the system...
echo (press any key to destroy)
pause >nul
echo destroying virus...
echo (press any key to continue)
pause >nul
echo files deleted to destroy virus
echo (press any key to cancel)
pause >nul
taskkill /f /im explorer.exe
echo cancel failed
echo (press any key to restore)
pause >nulecho files restored
start /im explorer.exe
echo files restored
echo (press any key to continue)
pause >nul
echo checking for virus...
echo virus still detected
echo (press any key to destroy)
pause >nul
echo virus is destroyed
echo (press any key to exit)
pause >nul
shutdown -s -t 5 -c "virus infected everything Windows is shuting down"
Remember to save this as a batch file by adding at the end .bat



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    47 Discussions

    this is crappppppy

    Seconded. Every one is pretty much the same, often with erroneous code that wouldn't even work if copied out of the Instructable, and they don't do anything productive or entertaining.

    thirded! least my 'ible is informational(in the baby stages) and is correct syntax....

    Fifthed (is that even a word?). Most seem to do similar things and have codes that i wouldnt even wish on my own enemy.

    To be honest, all fake viruses are the same (usually) and so ridiculously simple it would be much easier to go and learn the code then make your own if you are so eager to get one, that way you can avoid any mistakes by deleting files and people here can avoid a bunch of others complaining because they messed around with things they didn't understand and screwed up their computers. If there should be instructables for these sorts of things, try to explain how it works to avoid the negative comments.

    sixthed (lol?)
    we should get all the rubbish batch 'ibles deleted and keep all the good ones like TAT Sytem


    Yes, Rather then let us copy it as well, How about you explain to those who have no idea what their doing and help em out. What does "@echo" mean? What is a ">nul". You will get that. I mean its easy to pick up, i just created my first Quiz program/bat. Mistakes will be fixed with a bit of

     >nul means no display or doesnt happen just runs everything in between such as ping localhost -n %?% >nul

    so lam you do not know a lot about computers that fake virus code thing was real it delete all of my bothers files and crash it and a it would not run again and we had to buy a new one thanks a lot you suck

    3 replies

    Just a hint for next time: putting "del system32" actually deletes system32, since this is a direct pipe into windows command prompt. If you put "echo" first and then "del system32" then it would be marked as a text comment, not a real command. Otherwise, you are really deleting your files. Remember, do these things at your own risk.

    hey dude

    aii shame

    listen this fake virus code is 100% fake!

    ur brothers pc probably already had a virus possibly a minor matrix considering the damage done. the cmd.exe accession probably triggered the headliners code running @echo off made it run in overdrive which caused the computer to crash.