Funny Prank(s) (With VBS)

Introduction: Funny Prank(s) (With VBS)

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Other than pancakes and doing things that other people can't, pranking people is pretty fun. This Instructable combines two of the previously mentioned things (sorry guys, no pancakes). With the wonderful powers of programming, you can play the most sneaky and hilarious pranks on your friends. A few things are required to pull this prank.
1) A computer
2) Half a brain (more or less)
3) A friend who 
        a. Has a computer
        b. Isn't very good with computers
        c. Has a sense of humor and won't react badly to pranks.
If you fit these criteria, you've got what it takes to pull some hilarious pranks that will leave you (and hopefully your friend) laughing.

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Step 1: Set Up

While an actual knowledge of how to make VBS files is not necessary, you do need to know how to save one. Most of you probably know, but I'll do a recap anyway.
right-click>open a new text document>file>save as>change *.txt to all files>save as prank.vbs
For this prank to work best, your friend can't be too computer savvy. So if your friend knows about stuff like VBS or other computer languages, it probably wouldn't be as funny. Also, this prank works best if your friends user on his Windows (yes, Windows is necessary) computer doesn't have a password. But even if your friend's user does have a password, variations on the prank will work.

Step 2: The Code

Since this is a programming prank, actual programming is required (duh). This is a VBS prank, so the code required for this isn't quite as complex as it could be (seeing how it's a fairly simple prank). I went over how to save a VBS file in the previous step. This is the code:
x=MsgBox("You've been hacked *your friend's name here*!",4144,"Haha!")
x=MsgBox("Preparing virus",4144,"WARNING!")
x=MsgBox("Do you want the virus to activate?",4132,"VIRUS ACTIVATION")
x=MsgBox("Did you really think that would work?",4132,"HOW DUMB ARE YOU?")
x=MsgBox("Virus activating...",4144,"YOUR DOOM DRAWS NEAR!!!")
x=MsgBox("Just joking!",4144,"YOU'VE BEEN PRANKED!!!")

If you understand VBS, you know what this does. But this isn't the only way to use VBS. The prank uses the same basic concept of text boxes to scare your friend, but the way you implement it and the text is subject to change. The next two steps show you how to do this. 

Step 3: Implementation

Using the code in the previous step, you can fool your friends in a bunch of ways. This step will not only tell you how to pull off these pranks.

The Startup:
This method will only work on people who don't have passwords on their user accounts.This is what you do:
        1. Go into your friends account.
        2. Hit start
        3. Go to all programs
        4. Find the "Startup" folder and right-click on it
        5. Copy and paste (or move) the VBS file into the folder (copying is recommended since it let's you save a copy just in case something goes wrong.
        6. The next time your fiend logs into their account, the prank will appear.

The Startup is my favorite way to play this prank since it's almost foolproof. Unfortunately, it requires a friend who is not good with computers and doesn't know how to set a password (or just chooses not to) and a lot of luck. Here are a few ways this could go:


Friend: This is my computer.
You: Great! Why don't you type in your password and we can watch a couple of videos!
Friend: Not necessary dude, I don't really know how to set a password.
You: Oh... *smirks*
Friend: Oh! Hold on a sec, I'll go get some snacks, don't log in until I get back! *runs off*
You: *goes on computer and types like the wind*/*suavely takes out flash drive and inserts it into computer* *accesses startup folder* *logs off*
Friend: *walks into room with snacks* I'm back, let's watch!
You: Hold on sec, I've gotta go to the bathroom, login while I'm gone.
Friend: Okay, down the hall, the second one on the right!
You: *rushes off, smirking* *returns a minute or two later*
Friend: *laughing* Wow man, that was a good one up top!

This also works with the friend logging in, going to do something, and the computer "timing out" before he gets back.

Play it "On Yourself":
In this example, you put the prank file on your own computer's startup folder. When you need to "leave to get something" and tell your friend to login for you, your friend will be terrified of the "virus", but then realize it was all a prank. Here's what you do:
        1. Make the file and plant it in your own startup folder.
        2. When your friend comes over to watch some stuff online with you, leave to get snacks, but tell your friend to login for you (make sure your user account doesn't have a password).
        3. The computer will do the work for you.

This is another great way to play this prank since it's foolproof unless you have a password on your account.


You: I'm gonna get some snacks, login while I'm gone.
Friend: Okay.
You: *walks out* *returns with snacks*
Friend: *laughing* Wow! That was pretty funny.

Game Folder +1:
In this example while you're going to the bathroom/ getting snacks, your friend is checking out your game folder. And he just can't resist Super Action Fighter V.  But instead of an awesome game, he get's an awesome prank! This works the same as Playing it on Yourself, so I'll skip the step-by-step.


You: I'm gonna go get some snacks. While I'm gone, check out my games folder! I recommend Action Fighter V.
Friend: Okay!
The rest works like Playing it on Yourself.

This version better when you create your own icon and use a shortcut to make the game have the icon (I might make an Instructable on how to do this, if not, look it up!). 

Step 4: Variations

Not only are there many different ways to pull off the prank, but there are also a lot of variations to do to the code too. If you know VBS, this won't be a problem, but if you don't, I'll give you a quick walkthrough of how to edit the code (for more information, look it up on Instructables and/or the Internet). First, here's another copy of the code:

x=MsgBox("You've been hacked *your friend's name here*!",4144,"Haha!")
x=MsgBox("Preparing virus",4144,"WARNING!")
x=MsgBox("Do you want the virus to activate?",4132,"VIRUS ACTIVATION")
x=MsgBox("Did you really think that would work?",4132,"HOW DUMB ARE YOU?")
x=MsgBox("Virus activating...",4144,"YOUR DOOM DRAWS NEAR!!!")
x=MsgBox("Just joking!",4144,"YOU'VE BEEN PRANKED!!!")

Now take a look at the makeup of a Message Box in VBS:

x=MsgBox("Text goes here",button and symbol #'s go here,"Title goes here")

Using the information, you should be able to edit the prank as necessary. If you really don't get it, learn more about VBS somewhere else.
If you don't want to use this type of coding for pranking, then change the words a little bit and make it a surprise for things like birthdays and anniversaries! The startup implementation method works especially well for that kind of stuff.

Step 5: Remember!!!

Here are some things that you can't forget, or else the prank will be ruined. You must use the text exactly in the correct VBS format. If you're not gonna use the words that are already given, then make sure that it's proper coding. One mistake and the entire thing could be ruined.
Also, make sure that whatever friend you pull this prank on enjoys jokes and will think this is funny, not cruel.

Step 6: Conclusion

Thanks for reading my Instructable, more programming and geeky stuff coming soon! If you use this on one of your friends, tell me how they react to it in the comments. The program is available for download too if you don't feel like making it yourself along with a list of the numbers used to change the icon and button for the window (just add).

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Braden T
Braden T

3 years ago

msgbox "Surprise!"
Disguise or auto run and every 5 min it will pop up and say SURPRISE! change it up or something to make it funnier :D


4 years ago on Introduction

instead of x=MsgBox("Text goes here",0+16,"Title goes here"), use

msgbox "Text Here",0+16,"Title Here"


5 years ago on Introduction

I know of a really funny prank that will cause the computer to even shut down.