Funny Pumpkin Wreath


Introduction: Funny Pumpkin Wreath

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I really enjoy dressing up a wreath for different seasons and holidays. In this intractable I'll show you how to make funny pumpkins out of Christmas baubles to achieve this Halloween look.

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Step 1: Gather Everything

Rustic wreath

Old Christmas baubles

Orange spray paint


Masking tape

Pipe cleaners in metallic green

Black marker

Green felt


Glue gun

Step 2: Prepare Baubles

To prepare the baubles before painting them take off the little metallic thing on top and put them in a stick holding them with some masking tape.

Step 3: Paint

Hold the baubles by the stick and paint them with the orange spray paint. Rotate them to reach all the sides. You can nail them in the grass to let them dry.

Step 4: Paint the Faces

This is the fun part: paint different faces in each of them using your black marker. You can take them off the stick to do this. Some can have happy faces, others scary or angry faces.

Step 5: Pumpkins Hat

Cut a little square of the green felt and fold it in half. Cut little squares on each side to make it look like leaves. Glue them on top of each bauble where the metallic thing used to be.

Step 6: Springs

Use a pencil or the same marker to twist the pipe cleaners around to form springs. This will give the perfect accent to the wreath.

Step 7: Assemble

Use the glue gun to glue the pumpkins around your wreath and add the springs to make the illusion they're coming from behind the pumpkins.

Step 8: Ready!

Your wreath is now ready to adorn your entrance door and give smiles to everybody that passes by.

Happy Halloween!

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