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So this isn't a real instructable but I guess you can favorite it if you think it's funny

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Step 1: Grandmas

So, about an apple computer: I was talking to my grandmother when she asked me if I wanted an apple. Of course I jumped up and screamed: "YES!!! YOU'RE THE BEST GRANDMA EVER!!!!" And she laughed and said "I didn't know you we're so hungry!" I was confused when she brought in an apple(fruit)

Step 2: How NOT to Respond

It was so much less confusing when apples and blackberries were just fruits. So a week after the "grandma incident" my mom said I was going to get a brand new apple. I wasn't falling for that again, I don't even like apples, I like strawberries. Anyway, I obviously said no and an hour later I found my brother in his room with a new computer.


My dad owns an expensive company and they like provide him phone service and if his phone breaks, they replace it for free. Anyway my dad comes home one day and said he got some blackberries in the car and that he would get them out soon. I thought 'what should I do? If they are just fruits in his car, than I would look super dumb if I asked for one. But if I didn't, than there goes a few blackberry phones.' Than I thought 'why would he leave fresh blackberries out in the car and get them "soon"?' So I asked if I could have one. He smiled and sure enough, he brought in a tub of juicy blackberries. I ran into my room in anger when my brother ate a few. Than my dad said "the company bought me a new phone today, so if you want it you can have it." Now my brother has a laptop and a cell phone

Step 4: Grandmas Part 2

For my birthday my grandma gave me a small box that was wrapped up beautifully. I tore it open and inside was a GPS. "I can't drive grandma." I said " if you were old enough to drive," she said "I hope you wouldn't be using this!!!" I was extremely confused, "you use a GPS TO DRIVE by getting you where you need to go grandma." She looked shocked. "I thought this was the iPhone you were yapping about!!!! Well, at least you have a GPS, and at a great price too!" 'Yea,' I thought 'I wonder how you got this piece of junk for SUCH A GREAT PRICE!!!'

Step 5: Lessons: We Need Them

These are some very valuable lessons that are completely made up... So don't do what I did. This was a made up story, my dad doesn't OWN a company, my older brother doesn't have a laptop or cell phone, and my grandma isn't THAT old where she'd have no idea what I was talking about if she heard me say "yes! You're the best grandma ever!" Thanks for seeing my jokes leave a comment if you like this and if you have a bad comment, PLEASE KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! Thanks!!!!



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    6 years ago

    Thank you Barb37. I always enjoy positive comments and thanks for following me! I'll have more work soon!!!!

    Penolopy Bulnick

    6 years ago

    Hello, I am glad that you want to participate in the Instructables community. Unfortunately, this does not qualify as an Instructable. However, this would make a great forum topic. Please post this in the forums.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    You're funny. And clever. And sweet. If you're interested in maintaining your loveable persona and developing your very obvious talents, might I please suggest you mindfully read the less famous work of Mark Twain (for perspective), the short stories of James Thurber (for the characters), and everything written by Erma Bombeck (to always keep the egg on your own face). I'll look forward to reading any new work you might post!