Funny Scarecrow Halloween Decoration




Introduction: Funny Scarecrow Halloween Decoration

Crafting straw (for hair)  Hat, Flannel shirt, old jeans,old boots, belt, gloves, stuffing for legs arms and body (or old clothes, pillows, paper)  2 small pumpkins ( for booty)  1 pumpkin trick-or-treat bucket     2  strong Metal  stakes     Glue gun   Wire

1. Buy a pumpkin head trick-or-treat bucket. Paint over black eyes and mouth to create better eyes an teeth. Glue straw to top of head. Glue hat on head later, not now.

2.Make a bent over body frame with legs, hips, spine, shoulders, and arms.out of pvc pipe and different kinds of elbows. Hammer stakes into ground. Make holes in heel of boots. Slide boots over stakes. Put pant legs into boots and around stakes,  Then  put legs of body frame into legs of pants and over the stakes in boots to support body to stand upright..

3 Hammer a wooden T-stake of wood into the ground in front of feet, to reach waist, To support pumpkin booty and to prevent it from   falling forward.(I used a microphone adjustable stand, but those are hard to come by)  Stuff legs.

4 Glue pumpkins together to form booty. Glue booty to pvc and to support. T. Pull pants with belt up to booty and secure to frame and    t-stake with wire. Put shirt  over spine and shoulders. Stuff  body attatch to spine with wire if nessessary. Stuff arms. Glue gloves to     end of arms. Pull arms into wanted position and glue.

5  Screw wood screw down through bottem of head, then into center of pvc pipe shoulders. Glue on hat.

 You may need more wire or have to work with it,  to get it to stand right. It depends on type of stuffing used as to whether it is heavy        or light. Have fun and enjoy. Mine only lasted 5 days in my yard before it was stolen.

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    4 years ago

    Can you show without shirt


    thanks! these are the only applicable instructions I've found on the net. i'd like to know what kind of glue you used for the pumpkins. pvc glue?