Funny Pranks


Introduction: Funny Pranks

This is my submission for the Pranks contest. Please vote me up! And please try these pranks. HILARIOUS!!!!

>:) >:) >:)


Step 1: Honey in the Face

You can probably guess what happens in this prank. When your friend is sleeping, get some honey and smear it all over their face. Puts your friend in a really sticky situation >:)

Step 2: Salt

Take a friend's drink when they're not looking and load it with salt. Then have a chugging contest. LOL

Step 3: Spiders

Buy some plastic spiders and put it in your friend's drink, or in their hair, or anywhere else you want. A classic.

Another version of this prank is a bit more expensive: buy a remote control spider and make it crawl around their legs.



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    12 Discussions

    cool for the spiders i could put it in my dad's hair or drink. he's so afraid of them :)

    Sorry I was doing these for April Fool's I forgot to get pics. But you should've seen my Dad's face waking up with honey all over his face!!!!!!!! Hilarious.