Fur Gloves Modified With Embellishements




Introduction: Fur Gloves Modified With Embellishements

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I ordered some gloves online that were finger less and had fur on them.  With this project I modified the gloves by adding beads, sequins and ribbon.  I took photos every step of the way to demonstrate how easy it is.  Follow along with me to start making your pretty gloves.  : )  See the before and after pics below.

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Step 1: Get Materials Together

Pen and small piece of card stock paper
Needle and thread
beads-(any kind you like)
little scissors

Step 2: Make a Template to Mark Gloves for Sewing on Beads and Sequins

All I did here was measure the glove with the little paper ruler that came in the sewing kit I got from the dollar store. I cut a piece of card stock paper to fit on the glove.  I made a design that would fit on the glove and just marked it with little dots with the pen.  I then used the little scissors to punch a little hole in each pen mark until all the pens marks were punched.  I then placed the template over the glove and with the pen just marked a dot through the hole until I had made a mark from every punch onto the glove.  Boom.  Now you know where you need to sew.  : )

Step 3: Sew the Beads On

Here we are just threading the needle and sewing on the beads, I would go through the bead twice to hold the bead a little better (we have all seen sequins or beads sewn on all loose, no good).  I did this until I had the 3 rows of beads sewn on.

Step 4: Sewing on the Sequins

Here you just sew on sequins until you have all three rows sewn.  I know it takes a little time but the end product looks good and you will have a quality product.

Step 5: Tying on Some Ribbon

This had the lacing on it already, so all I did was take the ribbon through the top hole and double knot it, then make a bow.  I tied the bow twice and pulled hard to secure the tie.  See easy and pretty!

Step 6: Now Do the Other Glove the Same Way

Just repeat steps 1-5 on the other glove and you will have your masterpiece one of a kind beautiful gloves!  Yippy. : D

Step 7: View of Finished Product

I took a couple pics here, just so you can see them a little better.  I know it's not winter yet, but I can't wait to wear them! <3.  I hope you enjoyed my project.

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