Introduction: Furball

A ball made of a furby!!!

Step 1: Get and Gut Furby

Get some type of furby. It doesn't matter which type but if you wanted to know, I used a furby baby.All you do is around the black base cut the white cloth attaching fur to electronics. Take the fur and wash if necessary.

Step 2: Get Ball and Put Ball In

First find a ball about the size of opening in fur on bottom. then wedge it in and make sure it's a tight fit. If it's too tight or too loose get new ball. I used a mini inflatable ball in a baby furby and it fit perfectly.

Step 3: Play With It

If using an inflatable ball pump it up in furby until it is tight. Mine is very bouncy and fun to play with. And by the way this is my first instructable. If you like it or have any suggestions put it in the comments thing.



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    9 Discussions

    Won't it get dirty if you throw it in mud? And by the way Furbies are really expensive so your just wasting your money and if your Furby dies then why not give it to an orphanage for a poor child to play with it might not be on electricity but the child will still enjoy it this is the dumbest thing ever

    :( Poor Furby. Ah well, I might do this when my Furby dies. I've had it since like 98 and it's still going strong.

    wow. this is disturbingly awesome you shouldve mounted him tho

    is there plastic on its face? i would rather throw a normal furby at people.... *throws furby* "OW wtf?!" "its a furby" "oh... LOL"

    1 reply

    yes there is plastic on the face i skinned a furby so i thought why not

    i just thought of it it was totally random i'm thinking of some new project. the furball maker