Furniture Made of MDF (Medium-density Fiberboard) With Grooving Machine (Lamello Biscuit)

Introduction: Furniture Made of MDF (Medium-density Fiberboard) With Grooving Machine (Lamello Biscuit)

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I was fortunate to have an architectural mandate for the conversion of a carpentry workshop into a loft with the design and realization of custom furniture at low cost.

Having good knowledge in woodworking, I decided to make the furniture by myself.

I decided to use only one material (MDF) and one type of assembly (biscuit "Lamello") to realize the whole furniture.

Only the finitons change. I have either painted by covering the panels or oiled the surface.

Considering the small size of the loft, the kitchen table has been reflected in order to contain the television.

The coffee table contains niches on all four sides to allow storage.

The wall bookcase is modular.

The magnetic blackboard and the sliding door are also made of MDF.

Do it by yourself!


In order to realize your furniture without any bad surprise, I advise you to first draw the object by reflecting how you plan to assemble the panels.
Then you have to define where the biscuits will be placed.


Then I advise you to cut out all the pieces and then present them to each other.


When everything is in place, you can crack the grooves, put the biscuits in place with the glue and then squeeze everything.

Good luck!

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