Furniture 'Surgery' for a New Entertainment Center

Introduction: Furniture 'Surgery' for a New Entertainment Center

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This photo instructable shows that even when your 26-inch CRT-based TV becomes obsolete your entertainment center does not have to follow in its footsteps.  

It seemed a crime to have to throw away a perfectly good entertainment center when upgrading to a new HD TV.  So instead of spending a bunch of money on a new TV stand I looked for options.  Taking a close look at the existing entertainment center revealed that the top half had potential to be a stand for the new HD TV.  

So I pulled out the framing square and the jig saw and started cutting away.  The cuts were made through the vertical 'boards' at the top of the opening for the old TV.  The short lengths that remained became the new feet.  Care had to be taken to make sure the cuts were all made at the same horizontal location, square to the back and straight.  I think it turned out fairly well and gave new life to a piece of furniture that would have otherwise been thrown away.

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