Surface of a Table With Islamic Design Patterns




Introduction: Surface of a Table With Islamic Design Patterns

About: I'm mohammad a civil engineer from IRAN, I know english a little, i love work with cnc laser and made my own plan for fun.

i made this table with mdf sheets and laser machinery for fun !

Step 1: Plan of My Table - Dwg Format Fill

i designed my plan with AutoCAD 2014


Step 2: Cutting With Laser Cnc Machinery

Step 3: Paint Cuted Parts With a Spraying Machine or Spray Able Colors

i used a spray brown color for The margins part and Internal cuted parts and a light brown color for the internal continuous piece

Step 4: Assembly Parts After Coloring

Step 5: Assembly Edge Parts

i designed a step in table edges

Step 6: Finished Plan

I got used a simple square base separable parts to build the base of that and base and table surface can be separated in necessity time.

see my weblog : "here"

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Your table turned out looking really nice! Very well done sir! :)