Furoshiki 2: Have Earth; Want to Keep It!!




Ok, let's face it, the Earth's headed down the crapper and the only thing that will give clean environmentally safe energy is either the room temperature fusion thing or steam turbines driven by quantum-entangled 'bricks' who's counterpart is parked about .95 AUs away from the sun. Personally, my money is on the quantum-entanglement concept. But till then, I can at least help you stop using those bags at the store (both plastic and paper) and keep you from getting slapped (I hope). Save the environment and slap someone

This main bag also has smaller bags attached to the side that will keep smaller items from ending up on bottom.

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Step 1: Gather Up Cloths...

The cloths that I use are mostly rejects/clearance/remnants from local stores.
The blue cloth below is 3 feet on each side and I put it together myself. The smaller cloths are napkins and measure about 13 inches on a side. If you are looking at how big you can make one of these, you can view my first Instructable here ( Furoshiki 0 ); that one was about 7 feet and it made a HUGE backpack. This one will be perfect for the store trips; big enough to carry everything and small enough to carry around easily.

Step 2: Tie Up the Smaller Bags...

Although you can see how to do this from my first Instructable in depth, here's a quick review.

Step 3: Tie Up the Big Bag Now...

Now tie up the big bag but before you tie up the handles, slide the 'tails' though the handles of the smaller bags so that they are hanging off the sides.

In the second pic, I show what it looks like with one inside the bag and the other outside.

Step 4: Load It Up...

I loaded it up with the biggest things I had on hand.

2 2-liters of Diet Coke
1 Man Sized jar of Peanut Butter (choosy mother's aren't the only one who choose it!).
Toddler sized bag of raisins cuz 'dang they eat a lot of rasins'!
and the apple and grapefruit.

I didn't try this with chips or bread but I think everything would have laid down just fine and the crushables right on top without any problems. I had tonnes of room left in the bag too so this would totally work as a shopping bag or snacks-bag for movie night over at Jason's.

Note: you wouldn't need to go to Jason's to use this bag (he would probably prefer you not come over, not that you're not a nice person cuz you are but let's face it, the other guy that might come is a real pain). Although I haven't in the strictest sense tested it, I do believe you could take a bag like this over to anyone's house no matter what their name is. Please let me know if this is not the case though and I'll correct the Instructable and cite you as a reference/co-author/researcher.

Step 5: Here's That Video I Was Talking About...

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    okay, it is now September; time to start thinking about the annual Christmas/Holiday gift-packaging.... Let's all Furoshiki in lieu of disposable giftwrap! Since headscarves and neckscarves have become sort of _retro_ in fashion circles, they are abundant at thrift stores and garage/yard sales. Even the beautiful _pure silk_ ones. Let's start a trend?!? I'm not a chain-letter proponent, but a signature line in your individual emails ---with a link to this instructable--- might support such a trend.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Another excellent instructable, but thanks to you I now have a 'Japenese cloth bag thingy' obsession.

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    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    thanks. there are worse things to be obsessed with...for instance para-sailing without the 'para' or the 'sail'.