Furoshiki Cloth Bag





Introduction: Furoshiki Cloth Bag

Here's an idea when you need to make a set of gifts for your girlfriends !

Step 1: Steps Are in the Video

  1. Bind the edges of the fabric
  2. Sew on the pockets, and the cloth bag is done !
  3. Make the leather straps
  4. I also printed out a card using Canva with instructions to tie the bag
  5. Fold up the fabric and place them into the pizza boxes.

Step 2: You Will Need ...

  1. Fabric ( 1 meter + some fabric scraps if making pockets )
  2. For each leather strap you need 44 cm of leather , 4 pcs 5cm brass rings, 4 sets of rivets
  3. hole puncher, rivet setter, hammer, sewing machine6" pizza boxes



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    2 Discussions

    can you show us the instructions you printed out for gift recipients? I am curious about whether my friends would be able to grasp them. The video is simple to follow but printed instructions???

    1 reply

    I'm not sure if I can share them, mrsmerwin. Try the image search on google for "furoshiki instructions" :)